How to remove blackheads on your face?

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

The problem of blackheads on the face are familiar to the vast majority of people.The causes of this disease are manifold: it is the wrong skin care, and the use of poor-quality cosmetics, and an unbalanced diet, and hormonal disruptions, and the presence of various diseases.

blackheads on the face for many women is a disaster, and it is not surprising, because they are literally spoil the appearance of the skin.It turns out that the person to return to its former appeal, not necessarily go to beauty salons and expensive to carry out cosmetic procedures.Blackheads can be eliminated and in the home.For information on how to do this, today we'll talk.

Hygiene face

Immediately it should be noted that squeezing blackheads experts strongly advise against, and therefore it is better to take a number of measures to this disease itself.So, we give a number of useful recommendations.

  • At night, always be careful to clean the face of makeup, and to do it with the use of binders tonics, reduce oiliness of th
    e skin and helps close the pores.
  • face wash should be carried out with the use of soap, which acts as an integral component of sulfur.This means good health dries the skin and helps eliminate clogged pores in the cork.
  • Rid skin from the fat and clean it from the black points to help as gels and creams, which include those notes peroxide benzene.But in order to use these funds after the skin from becoming too dry, it is recommended to apply it any moisturizer does not contain oil.
  • Assist in the elimination of this disease and mild facial scrubs are best applied to the steamed skin.Such procedures will relieve the epidermis from dirt and eliminate dead skin particles that clog the pores.

Features Power

great importance in the fight against black acne on the face is the correct and balanced diet.Necessarily need to abandon the use of sweet, spicy and sour dishes, various spices, butter and ghee.The diet should prevail fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, cottage cheese products, fish - these foods rich in beneficial ingredients, help cleanse the body.Particularly useful in this period to use the products as part of which there is a high concentration of vitamin A (beets, tomatoes, carrots), has beneficial effects on the skin.

Effective facials

  • Kefir mask.Crushed oatmeal (1 tbsp.) Combine with baking soda (0.5 ch. L.) And boric acid (3-5 drops).The resulting mixture was diluted yogurt until a thick slurry.Ready to put on a mask problem areas for 15 minutes, then rinse with water.
  • mask of white clay.White clay (1 tbsp. L.), Diluted with a little warm water.We should have the means for its consistency resembles thick cream.Apply the mask on your face for 15 minutes.
  • Onion mask.Onion cleaned from the husk, and chop, rubbed on a fine grater or placing it in a bowl of a blender.The resulting onion mashed potatoes applied for 5 minutes on the problem areas of the face, then rinse.
  • Carrot mask.Freshly extracted carrot juice combine in equal proportions with the liquid natural honey.Thoroughly mix and ready-mixed for 10 minutes to put on your face.Owners of oily skin is recommended to be used instead of the carrot juice carrot pulp, for which the carrots should be sent for a few minutes in the bowl of a blender.