How to recover from a stroke?

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

Stroke - a very serious and often irreversible condition, after which the patient is fully or partially immobilized.This occurs due to excessive load on the heart, resulting in cerebral vessels can not withstand the pressure and burst, causing hemorrhage.That is how the magnitude of MAS affected area depends on the result.When mini-strokes, for example, the patient is able to survive and fully recover over the year, while the strong defeat often leads to instant death.What to do if a patient had a stroke?What exercises are necessary for its recovery and the need of the family, relatives and friends?On this and many other talk on.

degree of damage in stroke

Often, experts say that the reaction to a stroke each person is different.Healthy people sometimes much easier to recover than a weak or sick.In addition, it is necessary to take into account the size of the damaged area of ​​the brain responsible for speech and movement.When you stroke it determines the further future of man, because it is smalle

r than the faster a patient recover from this illness.

accepted that the stroke itself is divided into several levels, depending on the affected area.There are:

  • microstroke when the brain is only slightly damaged and a person's ability to think sensibly retained, move and speak.
  • strokes themselves, when the site of defeat or greatly affects speech and motor centers, or hemorrhage spreads throughout the brain.

In both cases, the patient survived the difficult situation, the support of family, because in the first year after the stroke, the patient is practically not able to serve themselves.From all this, a logical question arises - how to promote a speedy recovery?

Tips for effective recovery after stroke

Some mistakenly believe that effective and rapid recovery of the patient is only required constant hospitalization.Of course, the logic in this, because health care workers have the practice of communication with such patients and are able to correctly organize the process.However, do not forget that the loved one stroke, undergoes the greatest fear and the shock of the incident, so the support, assistance and the presence of a close relative needed it more than any hospitalizations.

behavior of patients after a stroke can cause you a little puzzled, because people like and not seek help themselves recover.In this case, it is not necessary to write off all bad temper or stubbornness.This is a characteristic, observed in 70% of stroke.It is better to help him overcome his reluctance to try, but be careful, because each of us is a bad mood or ill.Do not try to make the patient's strength, but do not let it go.

What exercises are suitable for the first year of recovery?

Regardless of the extent of brain damage should be restored first speech, and only then motor functions.While the patient is necessary for half an hour 1-2 times a day with him pronounce the words, phrases and sentences.Gradually, you can complicate the task, for example, try to remember with something from the past.When the headaches, weakness or dizziness, it is recommended not to stop, but only reduce the amount of exercise and time.

When the patient can already get up, try to display it on walks and to learn to walk.First, let celebrations be the 5-minute time, and only in the hospital wing - do not despair.Gradually, you can complicate the task by teaching the person to move on hills and different terrain of land (sand, grass).It should also be remembered that the walking shoes should be either orthopedic or a high zippered that will help your loved one feel confident and relaxed.