Cocoa for pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

People who suffer from pancreatitis, know that for a normal state of health they need to stick to the strict diet that involves giving up many foods, including sweets, and delicious drinks - cocoa.However, many do not know firsthand that resist such a treat, especially if it is a loved one, is quite difficult.How bad a drink for sore body?And what are the consequences of ignoring such recommendations of doctors?Try to understand.

Cocoa pancreatitis: harmful or helpful?

Unfortunately, this aromatic drink was on the list of taboo foods, and it is not recommended to use it not only in the acute stage, but also at a time when the danger had passed.What is the reason for this attitude?

Gastroenterologists explain that this drink is rich in purines, and also contains a high amount of sugar.As you know, both of these ingredients have a devastating effect on the diseased pancreas.

addition, cocoa is high-calorie foods, so much so that most of them can not be fully absorbed and digested by the body not only

to patients, but even healthy.As a result of the frequent use of such a product arises metabolic disorders, as well as destabilizing processes of digestion.Especially harmful include diet even in the absence of pancreatic diseases soluble cocoa species whose composition necessarily comprises various harmful flavors, fragrances, coloring components and other chemical elements.

Therefore, the presence of chronic pancreatitis should definitely refuse to accept this tasty, but unfortunately unprofitable drink.Experts recommend preferring the more valuable to the pancreas drinks that will not have such a destructive effect on the diseased organ.

exception to the rule

However, experts say that in case of pancreatitis in the stage of stable remission is quite rare to afford a small cup of cocoa.However, you must comply with certain conditions, the main one being eating only natural drink that is made from natural ingredients according to traditional recipes.In no case should not drink the cocoa "from the bags."In this case, another bout of acute simply inevitable.

addition, be aware that abuse drink with pancreatitis in any case impossible.This can lead to the activation of inflammatory processes.Drink a drink without significant harm can be no more than once in 2-3 months in the amount not exceeding 100 ml, and allowed such freedom on the stage of stable remission.

In all other cases, with the consumption of cocoa pancreatitis absolutely contraindicated, otherwise it could lead to disastrous consequences.