What to do if trouble breathing and there is no air?

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

physical condition of the person when he feels the lack of air, it is difficult to breathe in the medicine known as dyspnea.He was exposed to different categories of people, but most often it occurs in older, full, untrained, and those with health problems of the lungs and heart.

Dyspnea may be acute or chronic.In the first case it is associated with recurring colds and allergies to certain sources - dust, pollen, animal dander, etc.The second cause of the disease are disturbances in the cardiopulmonary activity.

symptoms of the disease Dyspnea

pretty easy to spot by:

  • people more frequently inhales air mouth and nose;
  • usually before he stops, pauses in the conversation, or any action;
  • can quickly go from the active physical activity, such as walking up the stairs to the quiet state;
  • can not talk and drive at the same time;
  • experiencing violations of speech loses its ability to build a long speech, complex speech structures;
  • had broken note there is confusion, lack of concentration;
  • he can not hold his head for a long time in one position.

He may complain of chest tightness, headaches.


main causes of dyspnea are:

  • defeat of breathing during colds, lesions of the nasal cavity and throat;
  • cardiovascular and lung diseases;
  • severe nervous disorders, stress, sleep disorders as a result of overstimulation and forced excitement;
  • allergic reaction to environmental factors;
  • lack of exercise, a passive lifestyle, neglect playing sports;
  • weight and fullness of excess;
  • pregnancy.

Events for the treatment and prevention of diseases

If shortness of breath - a short-term phenomenon and is the result of physical activity, the body recovers quickly, and breathing returns to normal.In this case there is a change of motor rhythms and restore breathing - a natural process.

woman bearing a child is having trouble breathing because of the changes in her body.Increasing in size, the uterus with the fetus presses on the diaphragm.That in turn creates discomfort for the lungs.As a result, women feel the lack of oxygen, and her breathing heavily.This process is only temporary, and after childbirth the woman is recovering.

big concern is the other reason for lack of air.They must all be investigated by experts, analyzed and susceptible to treatment.

acute respiratory infections, flu and other respiratory diseases should act radically from the beginning, and not wait until illness causes complications and goes into a chronic form.

Rhinitis treated immediately and not wait for 3-7 days.For this purpose the most effective way - rinsing the nasal cavity of water-brine containing a few drops of iodine.It is recommended to use not ordinary salt and sea.This same composition may aid in the treatment of sore throat.When the throat rinse is possible to combine the salt and baking soda or use them separately.

allergic breathing difficulties it is important to remove the source that causes pain, try to avoid interacting with objects that provoke a situation where there is no air.

Naturally, with age and wear out the human heart does not work like a clock.However, young people have the disease of the heart muscle.Microinfarction that developed as a result of serious worries and stress, leave scars on the tissue and "flaming engine" is working properly.This situation will only doctor who will diagnose in a timely manner, and to identify the causes of the problem and prescribe a course of treatment.

order not to have problems with breathing, we must take the necessary time to study, to treat seasonal diseases, lead an active lifestyle and eat right, less nervous and try to see life in more positive directions.