Pinworm adults: Symptoms and Treatment

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

It's hard to meet someone who was not no stranger to this disease, as the appearance of the body of pinworms.These intestinal parasites are extremely common.Absolutely anyone can become their victim.Today we'll talk about how the symptoms of pinworm in adults, and what are the characteristics of combating these pests.

symptoms of pinworms

Very often it happens that pinworms live in the human body, but any symptoms suggestive of it, no.In this case, to find out about the existence of the parasite may be relevant at the time of analyzes.

The most common symptom of pinworms is considered to be a strong itching sensation around the anus.Symptoms largely amplified in the evening hours, closer to overnight.It explains that in this period the activity of the female worms reach their peak - they lay their eggs in the circumference of the anus.Very often, in this regard, a person may experience sleep problems.

If a person is not able to sustain strong itching begins to comb the skin around the anus, it is

fraught with its destruction and, as a consequence, the development of secondary infections.Sometimes pinworms, moving, can get into the urinary tract or vagina, causing severe irritation in these areas.From a strong itch particularly affects women.

appearance of pinworms does not cause poor appetite, fever, abdominal pain or bloody bowel movements, so if any of these signs of an urgent need to see a doctor, because there are much more serious health problems.

Drug therapy

As a rule, in the presence of an adult pinworms doctor prescribes him the same drugs as the children, but in a more elevated doses.In modern times the pharmaceutical market offers a huge selection of medicines to combat pinworms, but not all of them are highly efficient.That is why the definition of drugs to treat pinworms should be solely the prerogative of the physician.

specialist may prescribe drugs such as Dekaris, Vormin, pyrantel, TelmoksKarbendatsim, mebendazole, Gelmintoks and others. The price of these medicines varies from 20 to 100 rubles.

In order to achieve maximum effectiveness of medication, it is necessary for 24 hours before use of medications to eliminate from their menu foods that cause the strengthening of the chair, and the evening meal should be very light.

the morning the next day to take medication prescribed by a doctor, and in the evening is recommended to drink any laxative.Because of this more quickly pinworms leave the human intestine.

To pinworm treatment was really effective, it must be repeated after 14 days of taking medication.This is due to the fact that many drugs are destroyed and only adults are ineffective against eggs and larvae, have recently come into the body.

If itching is pronounced, for the improvement of the adult patient doctor may receive antihistamines, which include Loratodin, Zodak, for example.Such measures are important, as they exclude the scratching of the skin around the anus, and as a consequence, the development of secondary infections.

To reduce itching and soda enema can be done, what should be diluted in 1 liter of water for 2 hours. L.baking soda.

Other measures

In order to get rid of the adult pinworms one medication is not enough.Along with this, you must also observe a number of rules in the absence of which all measures to combat this disease, will not bring the desired result.Interestingly, these rules must necessarily be respected by all, without exception, members of the family, regardless of the presence or absence of pinworm in their body.Among these rules are:

  • Every time after using the toilet or before meals is necessary quality, using antibacterial soap to wash your hands.
  • Ensure that your nails have always been cropped very short, so they do not fall under a variety of microbes.
  • Underwear should be changed twice a day, wash it with detergent quality, and after a mandatory iron iron.
  • daily in the apartment need to wet cleaning, with particular attention to the cleanliness of the toilet room.

Pinworms, though, and do not cause huge health problems, but their presence in the human body is highly undesirable, and therefore deal with these intestinal parasites as soon as possible!