Corn with a rod: home treatment

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

calluses on his feet - it is, in principle, an unpleasant phenomenon, but the inner core with a corn - the problem is much more serious.Domestic corn creates not just a mild discomfort and minor pain, and causes real suffering person, when each step of severe pain in the foot literally permeates.

treat the defect in this case it is necessary immediately, using all available methods.Otherwise, the expansion of the corn rod can cause serious inflammation, coupled with the severe health effects.Where to begin?

Home Treatment

What good treatments stem corn at home, so it is their cheapness, availability and efficiency.Medications here are the most common natural products that do not even have to buy because they are likely to find in a home medicine cabinet or kitchen.

You can start with the onion and garlic.If corn is young and her stem not yet penetrated deeply into the tissue of the dermis, it is recommended to pound into mush small onion or a clove of garlic and make a compress for the night.Inste

ad, you can use the pulp juice of these vegetables.

Before the procedure, you need a good foot steam.The compress is fixed on the leg with a bandage.Total 10-15 procedures will be sufficient to painful toes fell off together with the rod.

not worse to cope with the problem indicated the juice of celandine.It literally burns corn, quickly and permanently eliminating the pain in the affected area.However, use of greater celandine should be cautious, doing it entirely on corn hat, so as not to cause injury to healthy tissues of the foot.

If not at hand celandine, you can use undiluted vinegar essence.Corn should be steam, close adjacent thereto skin patch, then drip a few drops of vinegar to the center of education.Several of these treatments can get rid of calluses with the rod completely.

removing the inner core corn contribute to hot baths with mustard or soap-soda solution.Cook them very simply.You just have to dissolve in hot water well dry mustard powder or baking soda and soap.Duration of one procedure - half an hour.The number of sessions - 5-10 times.To enhance the effect, after steaming the skin of the corn is recommended to rub a pumice stone.

Again, that treatment of corn with the rod in the home will be effective only in the initial stage of formation of a defect.A more in-depth development of its people's techniques are only useful as a complementary treatment to accompany the main course of therapy.

In any case, everyone is free to choose their own innovative medical techniques, the practice of medicine in the official, limited pharmacy resources or resort to the old proven popular recipes.The benefit of effective ways to combat dry calluses rod set.