Acne on the chin: Causes and Treatment

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

silky smooth and clear skin - the dream of any girl, but he woke up one morning, you find a couple of acne on the chin.The mood, of course, is hopelessly flawed, however, as does the perfect appearance.What to do in such a case?Independently remove inflammation?Disguised it?Use antiugrevuyu ointment?First of all, understand the cause of this phenomenon, - experts recommend.And then immediately move on to address the consequences.


As a rule, these do not appear without cause inflammation.Especially on such a delicate area of ​​skin.Typically, in such a way our body tells about any failure in its work.According to cosmetologists, a rash on the chin longer inherent in women.This is because the ovaries.In violation of their functions disturbed hormones.As a result, they appear on the chin acne.Such inflammatory elements may also occur during menstruation.

acne often occur in this area due to the violation of a balanced diet.They may be formed as a result of abuse of salty, sweet, smoked food.T

he real enemies of the skin are all kinds of fatty foods, as well as preservatives.

Recently, doctors often been suggested that the acne on the chin there because of abuse in carbohydrates, such as flour products, as well as dairy products.

not less rash on the chin - it is nothing, as a result of violation of the elementary rules of hygiene: the use of inappropriate cosmetics, surface or insufficient cleansing, regular contact of the skin with dirty hands.

to rashes in the area of ​​the chin could also cause disturbance in the area of ​​the gastrointestinal tract.

In any case, dermatologists warn that if you notice that the rash in this area are regular, and the use of special cosmetics for problem skin give only a temporary effect, be sure to ask for extra help from a specialist and undergo a comprehensive study.First of all, you should visit:

  • gynecologist;
  • dermatologist;
  • gastroenterologist;
  • endocrinologist.

Only a qualified doctor can help determine the exact cause of the inflammation regular on the chin, as well as appoint a complex treatment.

Guarding the health

In order to prevent the formation of inflammatory elements in the skin, experts recommend the following rules.

  • systematically twice a day to thoroughly clean the skin with special cleansing products designed for oily skin.Their range is quite large.On the shelves pharmacies can be found as low series, cosmetics luxury brands.
  • regularly visit a cosmetologist for special procedures that will help prevent the emergence of new inflammation on the chin, as well as accelerate the healing of already formed.These procedures include deep cleaning, the use of special anti-bacterial masks, peels, and many others.Any inflammatory elements required to be removed, since it is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.As a result, instead of a "lone" eel can learn a whole colony of spots, which will deal with already quite complicated.Do not attempt to remove them, otherwise we can further infect the skin.Better for this contact a qualified technician, who will produce a similar manipulation of health literacy.
  • Follow a balanced diet that excludes sodas, fatty and spicy foods.By the minimum amount necessary to reduce the use of sweet pastries, and other carbohydrates.Saturate the citrus fruits, nuts, pumpkin seeds.They contain a lot of useful for problem skin minerals and trace elements.
  • Use special antibacterial agents of local action, which must be applied solely to the inflamed skin.