How to get rid of foot odor in the home?

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

often smelly feet are facing not only men but also women and even small children have found such a disaster!In some smell comes only when they wear warm shoes, others can not get rid of this problem even in the summer when, in principle, anything other than shale do not wear.

Why do feet smell bad, many still can not understand, but this bad flavor in any case need to be released, because first of all it leads to complexes, and, of course, causes serious problems in communication, especially for people who are forced toworking with a large number of customers!Why

legs "bad smell"?

impossible to get rid of foot odor, not knowing about the causes of it.The most common cause is considered normal sweating, which, in a given period of time is significantly increased.This is summer and winter, when a person in a room for a long time does not eliminate warm shoes.

Next reason - is different fungal disease, which entail not only the flavors of the stench, but also unpleasant flaking skin that are often re

miniscent of white rot, or look like a point, leaving deep into the pores of the skin.

Well, another factor provoking sweating, and thus the stench - a poor-quality shoes.More often than shoes made of synthetic leather of poor, low-quality glue not only causes discomfort when walking, but also leads to sweating, strong odor.

What should I do to keep your feet does not exude an unpleasant smell?

First you need to carefully inspect the soles of the feet for the presence of various fungal diseases.If you own something that is hard to notice, contact the hospital, let the physician examine.Scheduled drugs to treat not only relieve you of fungus, but also get rid of the smell of your feet.

Take for yourself a rule never to buy cheap low-quality shoes.Never be able to save money by buying cheap consumer goods.The skin of feet in the "wrong" shoes will not be how to breathe, begin to sweat, soak the scent emanating from the very shoes and all together give a pernicious smell even after water treatment of it will be impossible to get rid of.

During the day, try to change the office especially winter shoes and its variants, for something lighter and more comfortable.After coming home, especially at night and rinse the feet in cold water, it is possible to add a handful of salt and a spoonful of baking soda.This bath not only relieve the legs of the smell, but also bring them the ease and freshness!

If all else fails, and your shoes high quality and comfortable, then contact the hospital.Need additional expert examination may cause of sweating of the feet hidden in some chronic disease or something else.The doctor prescribe some medication and help to cope with the discomfort.Today, mass produced creams, ointments that reduce sweating and antiseptic effect due to sweat ceases to exude the smell stench.