Pouring cold water: benefit or harm

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

quenched the body a variety of ways, one of which is pouring cold water.Not all decided on this method for fear of colds.However, adherents of douches argue that while respecting the rules of hardening cold water activates the internal resources of the body and the person gets sick less often.It brings you dousing with cold water, or use harmful - it is worth to find out.

Use dousing with cold water dousing

Spending every day you run an adaptive mechanism of the body to support normal body temperature.The modern man of such skill is not developed because it is self-regulating heat exchange with the help of clothes.As a result, pouring cold water on the body becomes less sensitive to changes in external temperature.Such a person a chance to get a minimum of heat stroke or catch a cold.

The second positive effect of a cold shower - rejuvenation of the whole organism.Under the influence of cold blood vessels constrict, and rubbing a towel promotes blood flow to the muscles and skin.As a result of exte

nsive studies skin color significantly improves the muscles are tightened.Pouring cold water - this is the most effective way to improve blood circulation, stimulate the production of collagen.

How to pour cold water?

Pouring out of the shower - this is not quite correct understanding of hardening.Water should be typed into the bucket, from which poured from head to toe.Only in this case, you can get a surge of vitality.Start training should be to water at room temperature, gradually cooling it.For 10 days, the water should be cooler for a maximum of 5 ° C.The minimum water temperature was 15 ° C.Hosed need not with the head, otherwise the effect will be the opposite improvement.

tempered need to start in warm weather, to minimize the chance of colds, and dousing with cold water, it is desirable to combine with physical exertion.It is important to honor the regularity of procedures without making passes.Pouring should be postponed only in case of illness.

Can you lose weight with the help of pouring cold water?

Indeed, such an opinion exists among those who seek to adjust your weight.If we look from the point of view of the theory, this is possible.The decrease in body weight is due to several processes:

  • shivering thermogenesis - burning brown fat occurs;
  • contractile thermogenesis - calories as a result of muscle tremors;
  • increasing the activity of physical and mental disabilities as a result of the cooling of the body;
  • physical exercise, accompanied by pouring cold water.

However, all these processes are possible in theory.In practice, only one pouring cold water is unlikely to reduce weight.On warm body spends little calories.It is quite another thing when pouring combined with exercise.Training really help to reduce body weight and even without douches.

harm of pouring cold water

This method of hardening can be harmful in the case of exacerbation of chronic diseases.As a result of a sharp decline in the temperature of the body is under stress, and well-being noticeably worse.

Despite the fact that professional doctors do not recommend in acute diseases apply dousing with cold water, proponents of alternative medicine have a different opinion.They promote the combination of a contrast shower with any diseases.

When pouring cold absolutely contraindicated?

First of all, with acute respiratory infections, SARS, influenza.Also, you can not pour in the presence of skin wounds, ulcers, diseases of any other leather.Procedures should be discontinued until complete recovery.

Caution should be used when pouring eye diseases, especially if a person is detected retinal detachment or ocular hypertension.A sharp temperature drop makes the situation worse and can cause serious eye injury.The group

ban for dousing with cold water and get hypertensive tipotoniki, people diagnosed with tachycardia, congestive heart failure, coronary heart disease.