How to get rid of the cough?

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

Probably everyone no stranger to such unpleasant phenomenon of cough.Often, to get rid of a cold temperature and is much easier than to overcome cough.This disease is unpleasant in itself, and a cough, which appears in the form of recurrent attacks, gives a person much discomfort.

cough wet and dry

Before you decide what to treat cough, you need to understand the nature of this phenomenon.So, it is important to distinguish from wet cough.The main criterion here is whether or not released during coughing sputum (coughing when wet it is, and if it is not dry).

For example, a dry cough appears characteristic symptom of diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, laryngitis.In the treatment of dry cough must be directly or immediately get rid of it, or turn it into a first wet.

When you select when you cough sputum is important to pay attention to the color, as it is on it is possible to assume the existence of a particular type of disease.If there is bronchopneumonia, the sputum, as a rule, it has impurity

pus, sputum in heart failure has rusty color, and bacterial infections it is greenish yellow.

Treatment of dry cough attacks

cope with bouts of dry cough, you can use alkaline inhalations, infusions of herbs (eg, licorice, marshmallow).These funds smyagchayusche affect the irritated throat.Take infusions of herbs should be 100 ml 3-4 times a day.

to treat attacks of dry cough, accompanied by a feeling of "scratching" in the throat and sternum, needs medication, the effect of which is aimed at suppressing the cough reflex.Thus, for example, lozenges or pastilles help based cough sage or menthol - drugs such as "Sinekod" or "Bronholitin".At the time of treatment is necessary to ensure the patient drink plenty of liquids.

treatment of wet cough attacks

the treatment of wet cough attacks is necessary, first of all, try to thin out the mucus so that it could quickly leave the respiratory tract.If there are acute respiratory infections, the bouts of coughing can be removed without the use of antibiotics, there will be enough antitussives.But the diagnosis "pneumonia" or "bronchitis" without the use of antibiotics can not do, because they can help stop the proliferation of microbes and their livelihoods.

include drugs which contribute to the liquefaction of sputum, isolated "Acetylcysteine" "Mucosolvan" "Bromhexine", "Abroksol".These medications are considered most effective.

Treatment attacks of allergic cough

to treat coughing, having an allergic nature, requires acceptance of antihistamines.It also shows the use of a special nasal spray, means "Bronhin."The main condition for the fight with a cough - avoid contact with the potential allergen.