Lemon and garlic for immunity

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

think of weakened immunity often begins when the body fails and begin to arise colds.However, if engaged in strengthening and improving immunity, long before the onset of winter, the cold season, you do not just become less sick, but notice that the feeling is much better than last year!

In order to strengthen the immune system, raise the tone and improve many vital processes, many have long used natural products and use them according to the recipes of our ancestors.These here are indispensable folk remedies it is to lift the immunity can be considered in conjunction with garlic lemon.Of course, these products and individually have a positive effect on any organism, but with lemon, garlic works wonders!

How to use lemon and garlic for immunity?

mainly using garlic and lemon, are prepared various drugs.This may be infusions, and mixtures thereof, and syrups.Method of preparation of such compositions are many and usually one or the other ingredient in them occupies a predominant place.The main compon

ent may be not only an ordinary distilled water, liquid honey (melted or fresh), but alcohol, which is a fortress of about 70 °.Whichever way you do not have prepared the drug, in general, natural products are always improves the immune system.

How to cook the drug from the lemon and garlic?

of the top five heads of garlic, the same quantity of lemons and half a liter of honey, you can cook the perfect blend.To do this, purified garlic cloves and rub on a small grater, lemons, removing them from the bones, crushed blender and combine with garlic, bay of this mass of honey.

mixture was prepared for immediate use immediately after production, it must be stored only in the refrigerator, as it may sour.Take a honey lemon-garlic mixture should be three times during the day and preferably after a meal.The optimal dose of the drug consumption for an adult would be a tablespoon, children can halve.

Taking lemon and garlic by weight in the same amount (500 grams), they can be filled with boiled water (2 L).Four days later, this brandy may be used, taking a glass before a meal.

What we should not forget?

Despite the fact that the lemon, honey, garlic, and even very effective to enhance the immune system, in some individuals, these products, especially in combination can cause some malfunctions.Therefore, once again not to interfere with the good expert advice in this area, a doctor who has it with you is not the first time and is well aware of all your diseases and incompatibilities with respect to food.

If no contraindications doctor does not see, remember that long-term use of lemon and garlic can sometimes cause an allergic reaction or simply "priedanie."In this case, preventive measures with these components should be on time to stop, and a month later you can revisit them.