Pulmonary hemorrhage: Causes and first aid

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05 June 2016

Pulmonary hemorrhage is a very life-threatening condition that is characterized by the release of the blood from the lungs and its subsequent excretion via the airways.Bleeding from the lungs indicates the beginning of the collapse of the lung tissue.What are the causes of pulmonary hemorrhage, and what first aid is necessary to give the patient?Let's deal.

Causes disease

Pulmonary hemorrhage can occur due to various reasons.It is worth mentioning that earlier, just half a century ago, this condition was noted mainly in people who suffer from tuberculosis, cancer or lung abscess and gangrene.

In modern times pulmonary hemorrhage can occur when disease affects the lungs, with non-specific and chronic nature.Also, this disease can appear as a complication of infiltrative tuberculosis.

provoke bleeding from the lungs are also capable of pulmonary lesions with fungal or parasitic nature, the residual form of aspergilloma or air cyst.Less common, but it might be that the occurrence of the condition ass

ociated with the presence in the lung tissue of a foreign object or complications after surgery is relatively easy.

methods of first aid

worth noting that the first aid for bleeding from the lung is divided into two types:

  1. Non-specific methods.A characteristic feature of them is that the medical care provided in the pulmonary hemorrhage is of a general nature and its specific methods are not put at the mercy of the reasons that triggered the development of this condition.These are general measures taken in relation to any and all patients who opened pulmonary hemorrhage.
  2. Specific methods.The first and subsequent medical care for bleeding of light will be different, depending on the underlying causes of this complication.All the measures taken have the same goal - to rid the patient of the causes of bleeding from the lung.

nonspecific methods

for help with nonspecific pulmonary hemorrhage is characterized by a number of common patterns.These include:

  • First of all, you must perform a series of actions that allow the airway to remain open.Thus, the patient should sit on a chair and turn his head to the side of the lung from which, most likely on the assumption that the doctor out of bleeding.
  • spazmiruyutsya have important effects on the blood vessels of the pulmonary artery.For this purpose it is possible to give the patient 2-3 small pieces of ice that it should be eaten.
  • patient must ensure venous access.So if pulmonary bleeding are plentiful, it can not do without the main vein catheterization.Of great importance is played by the amount of blood loss.If time permits and subject to the normal state of health of the patient, doctors can make the subclavian vein catheterization.If time is short, the specialist can be installed cubital catheter.These activities are necessary for the intravenous administration of blood products.
  • As soon as possible, should launch gemostatisticheskoy therapy with aminocaproic acid solution, and Dicynonum gordoksa.Well, if there is a possibility of introducing fresh frozen plasma.
  • Medical professionals will certainly send the patient to the passage of bronchoscopy.This procedure refers to the number of urgent measures, since it is thanks to her and put the exact diagnosis is established the exact location of the bleeding.

specific treatment measures

specific measures of treatment of pulmonary hemorrhage carried out only in stationary conditions and depend on the specific reasons that provoked this situation.For example, if the bleeding is caused by the presence of tumors, in order to preserve and prolong human life carried their removal.In the presence of diseases that are infectious nature, is shown receiving antibiotics.If unable to stop the bleeding doctors perform thoracotomy.The procedure is performed under general anesthesia.