How to normalize the hormones in women?

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

Modern women are increasingly faced with emerging hormonal failure, the causes of which can be vast.Over-voltage and over-fatigue, stress, and even just in a bad mood can bring down the body's production of a hormone, resulting in the entire background abruptly gives way, causing sometimes unfortunate consequences.So what to do if hormones violated?

General advice

Since such failures - it is very serious, you should immediately consult a specialist (gynecologist-endocrinologist), which will hold a series of tests and determine what exactly is missing hormone in your body.It is necessary to remember that the definition of the missing hormone in the female body - the main goal of the first phase of treatment, because it depend on it any further action specialist.

Next it should be remembered also that the hormones can greatly affect the process of conception and childbirth, so it is necessary to fail to treat seriously and without delay, begin to be treated.Of course, we can hope that the body will f

ix it yourself, but such situations the unit and they are connected mainly with the adolescence, when hormones are stabilized without the aid of pills and drugs.

treatment chemicals

There are several categories of tablets is prescribed in the case of hormonal imbalance:

  1. synthetic hormones.Today they are the most popular, since replaced by its own hormones, women and suppress their their numbers.With synthetic structure, they are able to stimulate the body's own production of hormones, and then dissolved and removed from the body.However, damage to the body, particularly the liver and stomach are applied, so uncommon for restoring hormonal balance and the appearance on the background of the new disease.
  2. Vitamins.Assigned only if hormonal imbalance is small and mainly associated with stress or lack of sleep.Experts recognize that the vitamins only partially restore hormonal balance, but do not solve the problem in general.
  3. Supplements.Very similar to the properties of vitamin substances that may appoint an expert to remove a small imbalance.However, to rely on them as not worth it.
  4. Homeopathic remedies.Despite the fact that the followers of the method of treatment is a little more, it is the most effective and lenient to the body, since the structure of homeopathic drugs do not include any synthetic product.Often it is a complex of natural substances in the correct dosage, which affect the body in general, normalizing its operation and eliminating imbalance.Of course, the main difference between synthetic drugs is a period of treatment - homeopathic medicines should be taken at least 3 months, but the body after the procedure is able to function normally and not recover from the damaging effects of synthetic substances.

Traditional treatments

addition to vitamin pills and there are two traditional ways to treat hormonal failure.Despite the fact that the experts it is not recommended to self-medicate, in some cases, it really helps faster and better than, again, the same synthetic drugs:

  • Reducing diet.After determining what is a hormone in the body is not enough, you can start to use products that stimulate its production.Typically, these are seafood, fruits, spinach, meat, citrus fruits and berries.
  • Medicinal infusions.Fabricated mainly from the St. John's wort, sage, chamomile, lemon balm, calendula and peppermint and soothing effect on the body and restoring.

In the struggle with hormonal imbalances can help various types of massages and aromatherapy treatments that will restore power and return the woman to her good mood and peace.