Milk with garlic cough

By Admin | Health Recipes
05 June 2016

Each year with the arrival of cold weather, many adults and children are beginning to suffer from this unpleasant phenomenon as coughing.Of course, in modern pharmacies can find a huge number of different drugs effective against this trouble, but almost every one of them has its disadvantages.Some are too expensive, others bring only temporary relief, and others altogether "one cure, and another maimed 'because of its questionable composition.Therefore, it is best treated with the help of folk-tested recipes.One such effective and safe means of cough is made from regular milk and garlic.

recipe for milk-garlic cough medicine

No wonder even among our great-grandmothers garlic was known as an excellent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory agent.They actively treated not only to a normal cough, but many much more serious disease.And, besides, we used this spice and to maintain its beauty.For example, as a means to combat wrinkles and skin imperfections.

As regards milk, it is known today cough drink, espe

cially in the form of heat and a variety of useful additives.To quickly get rid of the cough at home need to intelligently combine both of these ingredients.Ready to discuss the medicine is very simple.

To prepare required:

  • fresh garlic - 3-4 head;
  • onions - 2 pieces;
  • cow's milk - 600 ml;
  • white honey - 3-4 teaspoons.


To prepare the garlic and onions need to be thoroughly cleaned, and then grind until smooth.I should get a thick paste.For convenience, you can grind them to a mixer or blender.

Next garlic-onion mass poured slightly warmed milk, and the entire mixture is sent in a saucepan or dipper to languish in the most basic fire.Leave a lot of the fire is so long, until the garlic becomes quite soft.

If there is a mint juice is good to use a teaspoon of the liquid.It will make the drink even more effective.Mint juice and honey is added to the beverage in the last turn.After the mixture has cooled, it can be taken directly to the patient.

main condition of reception - do not overdo it with the amount.Drunk get the medicine 2-3 teaspoons of no more than 5-6 times a day.If the disease is not running, a patient should feel relieved after the first dose.If after 2-3 days you can not make any curative effect, the patient should see a doctor immediately.Launched cough can lead to serious hazards.

use medication can be discussed in different types of cough without a prescription.It is suitable for pre-school children, but not less than 4 years.

The taste is getting enough milk-specific, but not nasty, but with a clear spicy taste.Honey and mint juice soften it and make it more enjoyable.