How useful prunes?

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

prunes Energy value is very high, it is in dried form does not lose its qualities, but on the contrary, it becomes even more useful.Generally believed that dried fruit from it the most delicious, useful, and affordable, because prunes are sold in almost every supermarket or in a conventional grocery store.Widespread use of the dried fruits in cooking, medicine, cosmetics makes it a very popular product.

Chemical components prunes

abundance of organic acids - such as malic, citric, oxalic makes dried fruit prunes important in the treatment of various diseases.The potassium content of this fruit makes prunes valuable product and it is accessible to everyone.

Also note capacity of pectin, fiber, magnesium, iron, phosphorus.Composition prunes rich in fructose, glucose, sucrose, they take up more than half of the fruit.Do not forget about vitamins that are rich in prunes, namely vitamins of groups A, B, C, PP.

Good quality prunes

Useful versatile substance prunes are helpers for different diseases an

d not only.Also worth noting about the antibacterial properties of prunes, which extends into the oral cavity.It is in its structure and content of nutrients is not inferior to many drugs.The content of antioxidants protects the body from the environment, very often used in infectious diseases.

most common diseases for which the recommended intake of prunes are anemia, vitamin deficiency, gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular diseases, obesity.

iron content in large numbers makes prunes simply indispensable for people suffering from anemia, or in the period of beriberi.A sufficient amount of this component is able to increase the hemoglobin in a few days, this should take 5-6 stuff prunes.The same use of dried fruit can improve the body's capacity to act and raise the vitality of man.Time beriberi usually falls in February and March to avoid it or at least reduce its appearance, begin to eat prunes every day in January, a few tricks.

worth noting the usefulness of prunes for patients on gastrointestinal diseases.Ballast substances that overwhelm the fruit, miraculously affect the human body and treatment occurs much faster and better.When metabolic disorders seen many diseases that are pulled by a whole series of inconveniences.Due to prune reception improves metabolism and as a result of reduced incidence.

cores for prunes becoming the undisputed assistant in the treatment.Also it can be used to normalize the blood pressure of a person.The potassium content in prunes positive effect on the diuretic and choleretic processes.

Very often, in order to reduce excess weight adjusted for special diets, which is a major component prunes or in combination with other foods helps to get rid of unnecessary kilograms.

Application prunes in cosmetology

In addition to these useful substances prunes may be noted another, equally important, and the positive side of it.Not everyone knows that prunes improves skin, has tonic abilities, which is why is widely used in cosmetology.It can be seen in the various creams, lotions, tonics.

Such a property, the absorption of free radicals helps to rejuvenate the skin and body as a whole.This feature prevents the destruction of body cells and acts are not the last resort in the fight against cancer.

With the use of prunes can improve appetite, enhance body condition, restore and bring back to normal functioning of internal organs.Daily consumption of dried fruit will help to avoid and prevent a number of diseases, promotes healing, healing of individual organs and the whole human body.