Removing swelling from fingers?

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

swelling caused by excessive accumulation of fluid in the intercellular space, and is manifested in tissue swelling.Therefore, to remove the swelling, it is necessary to renew the circulation of fluid in the extremities.This can be done several ways, including light exercise and changes in eating habits.

Removing swelling using massage and gymnastics?

The simplest thing you can take to relieve swelling - swollen fingers massage.First, they knead with your fingers free hand, then stroke from the tips toward the wrists.

do some exercise:

  • Pinch your fingers together and then quickly straighten them, repeat the movement several times.
  • Connect the fingers of both hands in the lock, and pull in the direction of turn one and second hand.
  • fingers are connected to the castle at the level of the chest, turn the palm of the hand and pull out in front of him.
  • Fingers linked to the castle, get them for head and press down firmly on the neck, without disengaging the fingers.
  • shook his fingers, his arms d
    own and relax muscles.

Well helps imitation as if you put a very tight gloves, first on each finger, and then the whole hand at once.Movement activates blood flow in vessels and help reduce the swelling of the hands.After warm-up is useful to raise your hands up, put them on a support, and sit (or lie), so at least 30 minutes.When the arms are in the raised position, this facilitates the outflow of the accumulated blood in the fingers back into the vascular system.

Contrast baths and cold compresses Hand

If you know that the swelling caused by fatigue, come home, take a hand alternating cool and warm baths.The difference in temperature will cause the blood vessels to narrow, then widen, allowing normal blood flow resumes and excess fluid leave the peripheral vessels.

Stagnation of blood can be caused by injury, in which case the injured swollen place needed an ice pack wrapped in a towel.The bluish and swollen fingers from injury can be rubbed troksevazinovuyu or other reducing ointment.

Diet against swelling

concentration of fluid in the fingers often causes an excess of salt in foods, as salt accumulates in the joints and contributes to its delay in the body.By reducing the consumption of salty foods and smoked, you reduce the risk of edema.Fat people are more prone to swelling, as their lymphatic system is not always cope with the load.Reducing calorie intake and lose a few kilos, you will help your body to work smoothly.

is believed that the removal of edema is necessary to use less liquid.In fact it is not, our body should receive from 1 to 2 liters of pure water, depending on the season.Swelling does not indicate an excess of fluid, and that the body does not have time to withdraw it.

Swelling on the background of diseases of internal organs

noticed swelling in the hands, should pay attention to their feet.Identify the swelling can be easily pressed with your finger on the skin: persisting for a few seconds on the site of pit touch lighter color is a sign of edema.Such extensive swelling may indicate a failure in the internal organs, usually heart or kidney disease.If a few days does not fix edema self-help, it is necessary to conduct a medical examination of the body to detect a serious disease.

often swollen hands and feet in pregnant women, especially in the last weeks of pregnancy.This may indicate kidney malfunctions, and medication should appoint a gynecologist, overseeing the health of future mothers.

Hot sultry weather is also cause swelling of fingers.In the heat of summer, keep the room temperature at which you feel comfortable.