Causes of burrs on the fingers

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

Burrs on the fingers are a nuisance, but for some it becomes a permanent phenomenon.It may seem that the burrs are safe, but in contact with the skin infection produced pain center, and if left untreated, often at this place there is an abscess.To avoid this, it is necessary to understand the reasons because of which there are burrs on the fingers.

Causes of burrs on the fingers

Hand Care

most common burrs on the fingers - is the result of neglect to the skin, that is, there is no regular care of her or hygiene procedures are carried out properly.Nail-biting also leads to painful barbs on the fingers.How often do baths for steaming skin?Every day, whether you use hand cream?A manicure with what frequency do?

Burrs occur when the skin around the nail plate dries and is not updated.In the nail dead cells accumulate, formed a thick layer, which, when the toe moves and there is a hangnail.

to drying of the skin around the fingers results in frequent contact with chemicals, detergents and cleaning

products - detergents, dirty water used to wash dishes and plates.Forgetting about the safety of hands, most of us ignore the economic use of gloves while cleaning.The skin around the nail plate dries, coarsens, and after cracks.

Wrong manicure

If the procedure is done with violations of the result will be appearing on the fingers of burrs.This "side effect" edging manicure, the main factors are several:

  • cuticle is incorrectly cropped, that is, you pinch off its too wide;
  • the use of low-quality tools (nippers) when its edge is loose or blunted;
  • lack of moisture the skin of fingers after a manicure.It is especially important to moisturize the skin around the nail in the winter, because she feels the burden low temperatures and strong cold winds.In addition to moisturizing cream should provide power to the skin.

If left untreated burrs may develop inflammation of the nail fold (the condition is called paronychia), and a deeper penetration of the infection can become inflamed finger (felon).

disturbances in the body

This is another very serious reason for the appearance of burrs on the fingers.Most often skin problems fingers arise from the lack of nutrients and vitamins in the body.The skin loses its elastic properties with a shortage of vitamins B, E and A. As a result, the skin at the base of the nail ogrubevaet and begins to flake.

also problems with the skin around the nail occur against the background of existing diseases of the gastrointestinal tract or in the case of dysbacteriosis.If burrs appear constantly should be examined by a dermatologist who will prescribe a course of treatment.

Because men do not consider it necessary to take care of the hands, the problem of burrs their concerns more often than women.