Than to treat sores in the nose of an adult?

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

sores and scabs in the nose - it is rather unpleasant phenomenon, which every adult is facing at least once in life.If you have sores are formed continuously, it could be a signal for a thorough examination of the body, because to get rid of the symptoms of the disease should be treated not just their symptoms, but also to eliminate the cause of this phenomenon.

Why are there brown nose?

There are some of the most common reasons that can be generated in the nose unpleasant sores.

  • inflammation of blood vessels.The reason may be the bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol.All this affects the overall state of blood vessels in the human body.
  • inflammatory process in the body.Any human disease due to the fact that his body begins to actively oppose them.Any virus or infection may come back to haunt such an unusual way as crusts in the nose.The mucous is dried by the struggle of the body, can be affected not only the nose and throat, eyes.
  • swelling of the nasal cavity.Common cold can cause edem
    a, and the following reaction of the organism to the appearance of sores in the nose.
  • viral infection.Everyone is familiar with herpes, which is shown on the lips while reducing immunity.Herpes virus infection of staphylococcus - are two common causes of these sores and nose.
  • Overdrying mucous membrane inside the nose.If you are fond of during his illness drops in the nose, the result of treatment can be not only recovery, but also the formation of crusts in the nose.Thus, your body reacts to the excessive number of drops.

Than to treat sores in the nose?

Depending on the cause of the phenomenon physician may prescribe different ways of getting rid of the disease.

If crust formed due to drying of the mucous, the doctor prescribes an ointment levomekol in combination with herbal remedies.For faster to get rid of sores can be warm on a special formulation UFO.Sulfuric ointment soothes sores and scabs and allows painlessly remove them.If the cause of your troubles - herpes or other viral infections, there is an integrated approach that can only prescribe an immunologist.

in turn can contribute to the early redemption of additional sores traditional methods.In addition to heating by means of UV rays, you can use the heated and wrapped in gauze salt, freshly egg.Instead, the nebulizer can just boil the water and breathe over the steam, cover with a towel.Well, if it's not just water, and a decoction of herbs.

Usual sulfur, which is on the heads of matches, to cope with the sores is not worse than the ointment.Soak match head in the water and lubricate the affected area in the nose.If you know that you do not have herpes or other viral infection, then you will certainly help in curing ordinary ashes.To obtain a burn houses a small sheet of paper and grease the sore obtained ashes.Applied to sore and can plenochku which is separated from the boiled egg.It is located between the shell and the protein.You can try to lubricate sore valokordin, it allows you to get rid of it quickly.

Another of the popular recipes states that excellent remedy for herpes sores, which he calls, a common spice - clove.If you chew five dry buds of cloves and then eat them, then you will nestrashen herpes for several years, according to traditional medicine.