Pickled garlic: benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

Garlic - one of the favorite vegetables, and his fans live not only in the CIS and worldwide.No wonder that this fruit is often used in various cuisines of the world.Along with fresh garlic and popular pickled vegetables, but more often to hear disputes concerning the benefits and harms of vegetables cooked in this way.Let us try to weigh all the arguments "for" and "against."

How useful garlic marinade?

Unlike many other fruits, are subjected to this kind of treatment, garlic absolutely does not lose its valuable properties.It still contains large amounts of useful components such as a fungicide and ajo which possess antiviral properties.The same substance at the same time help fight bad cholesterol in the body.

For this reason, pickled garlic necessarily recommend daily diet include people who are prone to regular colds.Equally useful vegetable active after this treatment for patients suffering from excessive cholesterol content.Regular consumption of pickled garlic significantly reduces the forma

tion of cholesterol plaques.

Also garlic marinade is an excellent preventive measure against heart and vascular diseases.

also helpful this vegetable makes it a little calorie.For example, 100 g of the fruit contained only 44 kilocalories a half.Therefore, fruits marinated can safely include in the menu for those who are on a diet.Vegetables are low calorie, but only in small amounts.So it is "activator" appetite.

addition pickled garlic has the ability to accelerate the process of digestion.That is why such fruits are advised to include in the diet of those who have poor metabolism, or disorders are present in the gastrointestinal tract associated with the process of digestion of food.

negative point

However, despite such an abundance of useful properties of marinated garlic, the fruits have a number of harmful properties.First of all, from the use of garlic, especially pickled should give people with serious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which include gastritis, gastric ulcer, pancreatitis.In this case the active components included in the garlic will have a strong irritating effect on inflamed bodies, whereby to cause relapse.

not recommended garlic marinated well as patients with kidney illnesses, liver diseases.In these disorders with healthy vegetables will also be the cause of inflammation.This has the effect of fruit and spicy with this disease, as hemorrhoids.

Garlic is a potent allergen.A pickling process after passing these qualities are enhanced by several times, since the preparation of the marinade and more components are used, which can also cause an allergic reaction.Often, experts say that the number of allergies caused by pickled garlic, is much higher than similar displays at the use of raw vegetables, and this does not have to be prone to such phenomena.

Despite this abundance of hazardous properties, pickled garlic is still one of the most favorite snacks.Should I categorically refuse it?Doctors say that in moderation pickled garlic does not bring significant harm to health.