Things to anoint a burn at home?

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

treat burns is possible, but only if the burn is not greater than the second degree.We get burned, not only in the workplace, and even at home for cooking.Tea and coffee are also very hot.Well, if your home has a special anti ointment or cream, but usually these drugs we recall in the last turn.We'll tell you about what the materials at hand, your existing home, you can treat the burn.

Classification of degrees of burns

First you need to determine the severity of offhand burn, and only then proceed to treatment, rather than go to the hospital.

The first degree may include redness and slight swelling of the epidermis, the site of the burn may be small blisters, which collects moisture transparent.

to the second degree may include redness and swelling of the epidermis, blisters and begins to form a thin scab.

There is no need to explain what happens when you get burned, third and fourth degree, as in this case, access to a doctor.

If you get burned first and second degrees, there are some guidelin

es and minor burns burned area should be cooled under running cold water.Then just hold it in cold water a quarter of an hour.Once the acute pain will pass, it is necessary to lubricate the burn with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, or dilute the vodka of one to one.

ointments or compresses?

Never smear the burn ointments that contain fat.For the treatment of burns, only suitable sealer or sea buckthorn oil.One can not urinate at the burn, as in urine have toxins that can cause inflammation of the skin.

can put a compress, but not to use cotton and gauze use only.Place the burn should be covered with gauze to prevent contamination thereof.Never open blisters yourself!

Burns helps toothpaste, in which there is mint or propolis.It relieves pain, but did not give a new bubbles appear.Small burns can be treated with purified raw potatoes, grated on a fine grater.Grated potatoes to put on the gauze and apply to the burn.After the wrap will be very warm, it must be replaced.As a rule, we have a package in the kitchen baking soda.Immediately after the burn is necessary to prepare a solution of baking soda to a glass of water.Dipped in a solution of gauze and apply to the burn and so a few times until the acute pain subsides.

Home pharmacy

Many prudently grown on windowsills aloe, agave, or in common, with which you can also treat the burn.It is necessary to carefully remove the skin from the plant leaf and soft midway make pulp and applied to the burn, shielding rag.You can burn the place to put the oil of sea buckthorn and top dressing.

If you get burned, you can use black or green teas cold, spraying the affected area.The ground green tea can be applied to the burned area.

Lime Blossom can also provide considerable help.Its decoction can serve as a lotion.

Raw carrots helps in the same way as potatoes.Similarly, it can help and pumpkin.

can put clean cold cabbage leaf, and as soon as it warms up, to take out of the fridge the other, and replace it.Pomegranate rind - is an effective drug against cuts and burns.It must be dry, do peel powder and powder burns the place.Only such a powder should be ready, and prepare a new time, as a rule, no.

little more about the media against burns

For oak bark does not have to run into the forest, it is sold in any drugstore.Bark contains many tannins, which have anti-inflammatory effects.If you get burned, you need to prepare a decoction and make a compress or wash.

can make an ointment with marigold.Calendula tincture is mixed with petroleum jelly and the resulting need to smear ointment burn.

Dill need to press and the juice should be diluted with cold water and used as a lotion on the burn.

To burn healed as quickly as possible, it is necessary to take the components that contain calcium sulfate and potassium sulfate.It is found in cabbage, onions, prunes, almonds and even lean beef.

Protivoozhogovym means can serve as propolis.Only it is necessary to observe precisely the proportions.