Allergic conjunctivitis: Symptoms and Treatment

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04 June 2016

Modern man is subject to many diseases, with each year they become more and scientists around the world every day to develop new vaccines and drugs to help alleviate the plight of many patients.Among the most common problems listed and allergies - it is not only in infants and preschool children, but also adults, who seemingly should have any immunity to infections and irritants.

many causes of allergies.This environment, and nutrition, and breeding of various plants, development and cultivation of fresh herbs or trees / shrubs, eventually cause allergies can become banal dust and even frequently used product.

striking allergy not only the skin but also the mucous membranes and eyes.One of the varieties of the disease is allergic conjunctivitis - an allergic inflammation of the tissue of the century and the front shell of the eyeball (ie conjunctival membranes).Let us more detail on the symptoms and treatment of this problem.

What you should know about the symptoms?

In 40% of cases of allergic conj

unctivitis - is a related problem of other allergies, so accurate data about the causes of the disease or on the distribution of data is not a problem.Inflammation happens in both women and men, at the same time according to doctors more often at a young age, what is the reason doctors find it difficult to answer.

Since contact with the allergen to the manifestation of the first signs of the disease can take several minutes or hours, it all depends on the susceptibility of the organism and the amount of stimulus that caught the eyes or mucous nearby.

That points to the disease:

  • itching of the eye;
  • excessive tearing;
  • conjunctival redness (right eye and eyelids);
  • swelling of both eyes, because allergic conjunctivitis characterized by the manifestation of the problem is not only in one eye;
  • sometimes there is a fear of the world, but it is in the case of long-term course of the disease and its improper treatment;
  • foreign body sensation in the eye;
  • often found pus in the corners of his eyes, indicating that the issue was added to the allergic and infection significantly exacerbated by treatment.

often described disease affects people who have acquired it by inheritance or as often and for a long time in contact with the allergen by virtue of their professional activities, for example.In this case, we can speak of chronic disease.

There are mild forms of allergic conjunctivitis, when the problem appears sharply and quickly disappears.

Than to treat allergic conjunctivitis?

Doctors say that chronic disease course sick fairly regularly take antihistamines (allergy) to relieve severe irritation, itching and swelling.In the future, the supportive therapy, allowing a normal life.

mild form of the disease begins to be treated after an accurate diagnosis and confirmation is allergic nature of the problem.

begins with establishing the causes of the disease, then the doctor recommends that maximum contact with the allergen, prescribe anti-allergy medication in case of infection may be appointed antibacterial ointment / drops or tablets.

sure recommended on drink a course of vitamins that strengthen the immune system and tools that can reduce the effects of stimuli on the body (this applies to those cases where the patient is regularly in contact with the allergen, such as the nature of their activities or in connection with living in environmentally unsafe areas).Depending on the stage of the disease the doctor prescribes drugs or stronger moderate action.

When symptoms photophobia prescribed sulfacetamide or its analogues in the absence of allergies to the drug.It can often be prescribed compresses to facilitate itching and reduces swelling.

Along with traditional medicine to a patient can be displayed and folk remedies.In this case, all you need to specify the destination, because improper use of herbs, their infusions and other people's "granny" funds can provoke the opposite effect and worsen the patient's condition, including its vision to worsen.

treatment and diagnosis, including allergic conjunctivitis - a lot of experts do not rely on their own strength and data from unreliable sources.Any delay can not only worsen the condition of the eyes, but also significantly affect the visual acuity and recovery time.