Tailbone hurts when you sit

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04 June 2016

sure many experienced pain in the coccyx.The reasons can be many.Sometimes the pain in this part may be the only sign of serious diseases.

Sometimes it is not just discomfort, but also the inability to live a full life - sitting, walking, and sometimes lie.

coccyx - spine (the lower), which consists of 4-5 vertebrae underdeveloped.

endure the pain in any case impossible.It is necessary to see a doctor, otherwise the disease can take a chronic form.

pain in the spine, namely in the lower part of a general concept coccygodynia.

coccyx bone pain: symptoms, main causes

Whatever the cause, the pain is manifested in:

  • seat;
  • rising;
  • The oil pressure on the bone;
  • walking;
  • acts of defecation.

nature of pain can vary from mild aching to sudden stabbing.Sometimes a person can not pinpoint the exact location of her.

main causes of pain in the coccyx:

  • injuries sustained in a fall, impact.Sometimes the patient does not associate this fact with the emergence of pain in the coccyx due to limitations
    of the event.That is, people just forget about it.A serious fall can cause a fracture or displacement of coccyx bone.
  • sedentary lifestyle, work associated with prolonged sitting position of the body contribute to the deposition of salts in the joints.As a result - their mobility is reduced, blood circulation, inflamed tissue.
  • habit of sitting on soft surfaces.
  • sciatica (sciatica).
  • inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs (cystitis, nephritis, an inflammation of the female genital organs).
  • Pathological bone changes.
  • various neurological diseases (osteochondrosis, hernia of the spine).
  • Diseases sigmoid and rectum (for example, hemorrhoids or anal fissure).
  • omission of the pelvic organs.
  • consequences of obstructed labor (the trauma and deformity coccygeal joint).
  • Spending a long time in the toilet.
  • Violation of digestion in the form of diarrhea or constipation.
  • Mental illness, stress, depression.

Diagnosis and treatment of pain in the coccyx

To identify the exact cause of coccygeal pain, it is necessary to pass inspection.Pathological processes in the coccyx, may cause weakness of muscles of the perineum, thigh.

If the cause lies in diseases of other organs, it is necessary to treat the underlying disease.

To reduce pain during pregnancy, women should wear a bandage to reduce the load on the lower part of the spine.

If the pain in the coccyx is associated with neurological diseases, using anti-inflammatory drugs and ointments.Positive dynamics is observed in the appointment of physiotherapy.If the pain in the coccyx caused by the displacement of the vertebrae, the effectiveness of chiropractic.

Men often coccyx disease combined with problems in the sexual sphere.In rare cases, a person to get rid of coccygeal pain require surgery.