Brain abscess: Causes and Symptoms

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04 June 2016

brain abscess - a terrible disease, which is a purulent inflammation of the inside of the skull.An abscess is classified by the location of the source of inflammation: inside the brain tissue - called intracerebral;under the dura - subdural;of mater - epidural.

causes of disease

The origin and development of the disease, you must have two reasons - the presence of infection in the body (the infection can be one or several species), plus a significant reduction in the human body's resistance to diseases.

main microorganisms - causative agents of infection are sick staphylococci, streptococci, Proteus, Bacteroides.Therefore, treatment should be aimed at the suppression of the activity of these microorganisms.

Abscess different origin:

  1. Hematogenic.Called transferring infection from infected respiratory system of blood flow;
  2. otogennyh.It arises due to chronic infection of upper respiratory tract.The infection enters through a vein in the sinuses of the brain, or directly through the mater;
  3. odontogenic.Cause infections in chronic diseases in the mouth can enter the brain through the mater;
  4. traumatic.There is trauma to the skull directly outside of infection;
  5. Iatrogenic.Infection in the brain in neurosurgical procedures.

stage of the disease:

  1. early encephalitis - an inflammation of the brain tissue, lasts 3 days;
  2. formation of pus in the cavity chamber inflammation occurs from 4 to 9 hours;
  3. active inflammation.There is a fusion of the brain tissue.

Syndromes brain abscess:

  • obscheintoksikatsionny - fever (when the body is able to resist to the strong performance), weakness, dry mouth;
  • cerebral.It manifested in the form of severe headaches, dizziness, loss of consciousness, coma;
  • focal neurological symptoms.It may be paralysis, paresis, impaired vision.

Diagnosis of the disease:

  1. Confirmation of purulent inflammation - with the help of general clinical blood test (the presence of elevated levels of white blood cells, the formation of young forms of leukocytes, increased erythrocyte sedimentation rate);
  2. identify causative organism by microbiological diagnosis of cerebrospinal fluid;
  3. identify localization of infection by computer tomography.

Treatment abscess

treatment is the use of combination therapy in the following areas.This suppression of pathogens, reduction of inflammation, the overall strengthening of the body, reducing the body temperature correction of the basic functions of living organism.With the stabilization of the general condition of the patient is recommended surgery on opening purulent focus and its subsequent drainage.

consequences of the disease

the traumas of the disease can be very serious, even death.The affected areas of the brain can stop functioning, so a person may be deprived of sight, hearing, intelligence, and so on. D.

Prevention of disease:

  • timely treatment of chronic infections;
  • increase immunity.


brain abscess - a serious disease, so the sooner it is diagnosed, the greater the chance of recovery is the patient.For early treatment it is very important to know the symptoms of the disease.