How to lower cholesterol without pills?

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

normal blood circulation could worsen suddenly formed blood clots, which can be a cause of high cholesterol.The blood then becomes viscous, its circulation is significantly slowing down.

If nothing is done, then very soon on cholesterol plaques formed a blood clot that just simply will block the flow of blood in the blood vessels!The consequence of this blockage will be the heart disease associated with blood vessels, and often death of the patient if the clot detaches.

When a person is constantly elevated cholesterol levels, then this condition will certainly lead to more serious disease - atherosclerosis.This is especially fraught for overweight people, for those who have heart problems, as well as people who have reached the age of forty.

How to lower cholesterol without pills?

To keep your body in normal, need to learn how to lower cholesterol, at least up to the optimal level of their own, and without any pills!

Physical education and physical labor

come to the aid of a variety of physical

activities.Particularly effective is running, although many exercises lower blood cholesterol, but much slower.It should include physical activity and physical work outdoors.

If inexperience overdo the physical activity, the body may fail and then not only will stop production of good cholesterol to begin serious problems with blood vessels in general.Therefore it is enough to load your body is physically no more than 40 minutes daily.It is important to ensure that no transfers were not.

Refusal of bad habits

Alcohol, of course, there is no need at all to exclude.Sometimes you can afford to miss "a couple of liqueur glasses," but do not go too far!On the contrary, in your daily diet to include 50 grams of good quality and certainly alcohol.It is better if it is a dry wine.It is allowed to drink about 200 grams daily.

But from tobacco-smoking is completely abandoned.This habit would not be good, especially if you already have problems with drops of blood cholesterol.


should think about your diet.In fact, there are many products that allow for the shortest possible time to lower cholesterol.These include high-quality green tea.This is all kinds of fresh fruits and juices.Well it affects the body fresh berries - almost everything, including and forest.

proved that if elevated cholesterol eat vegetables within a week or fruit juices, the cholesterol back to normal for a long time.

For juicing can be connected in the following products:

  • celery and carrots (1: 1.5);
  • beet, cucumber and carrots (1: 1: 1.3);
  • cabbage, carrots (1: 3);
  • orange, mandarin (1: 1);
  • apple, celery, carrots (1: 1: 3).

Please note that the juice, which is present in beet juice, use only two hours after its preparation.Well help

breakfast made from whole grains (buckwheat, rye, millet, barley), oats.You also need to include soy and legumes necessarily.They are useful not only fresh, but also pickled.

next important and necessary product for people who suffer from high blood cholesterol - a cabbage!This product is always "at hand", it is useful both in fresh, and another any form.The same can be said absolutely of any greenery.

But from white bread and coffee is better to give a loved one!Coffee is quite possible to replace barley and bread - bran bread.