Dining with a broken leg

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

What to drink, and that there is to quickly fracture healing?At first glance, nothing special, lick themselves, eat and recover from the injury, but there it was.Dining with a broken leg promotes rapid regeneration of bone tissue and its recovery.It is therefore necessary to enrich your diet with calcium.

Diet for a broken leg rests on "three pillars".These include:

  • diet rich in calcium (dairy products, fish, sesame and so on. D.);
  • vitamins and mineral supplements;
  • water regime.

It is known that dairy products - a storehouse of various macro- and microelements.Especially a lot of easily digestible calcium in tender milk curd.Experience shows that regular consumption of dairy products not only promotes faster recovery after injury and improves the motility of the stomach by activating the protective processes of the body.In addition, it is recommended to enter into the diet of fish dishes, because fish contains a loading dose of calcium.It should be noted that it is best to eat fish smaller size

s, which can be eaten with bones.It is very important not to overdo it, and stick to the golden mean.So let's say - without fanaticism.Record for the content of such an important and irreplaceable during rehabilitation of calcium are sesame seeds.They can eat in an unmodified form or grind.The Internet is also a recipe for sesame flour and vanilla, which can record a small amount of water.

Living Water

Typically, much attention should be given to drinking regime.Therefore, strictly prohibited the use of carbonated sugary drinks because they are composed of aggressive substances that wash away calcium from the bones, thus exacerbating the situation with the fracture.In this case, better to avoid the use of non-carbonated filtered water.You also need to regularly use fresh juices.Yes, and they have nothing to do with prepackaged juices from the supermarket.Homemade tomato, orange juice or juice - this is exactly what you need.

anywhere without vitamins

Metabolizing calcium complex is only possible using a variety of vitamins and preferably fresh.For example, vitamin C, is particularly valuable in the regeneration process and contributes to the rapid absorption of calcium.In turn, a vitamin K deficiency lead to the removal of calcium from the body in urine.To avoid this, it is necessary to replenish vitamin deficiency and improve their absorption by improving the work of the stomach.The use of fish oil, as practice shows, promotes rapid healing of fractures due to the fact that the fat itself will keep a lot of vitamin D, which is so necessary for the "construction" of bone tissue.

Which products should be excluded?

  • alcohol;
  • coffee;
  • fatty foods;
  • sodas;
  • strong tea.

rational nutritional therapy for fractures - is the basis for the rapid formation of bone and the right way to recovery.