Nutrition for gastric hyperacidity

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04 June 2016

theme of "food at high acidity of the stomach" is very relevant, but to think about a healthy lifestyle begins, as a rule, with the appearance of unpleasant symptoms.These include heartburn, heaviness in the stomach, belching and discomfort, bloating and so on. D.

particularly pronounced symptoms seen in people who live by the principle "the morning is better to sleep than to come up with a healthy breakfast, lunch intercept crackers with coffee,but in the evening I will take the soul of the refrigerator or near the front of the TV with a huge portion vkusnyashek. "Such boorish attitude to your body in combination with various stress - it is a sure way to get gastritis or something worse - a stomach ulcer.That is why when the first symptoms to immediately adjust your diet.

What signs indicate increased acidity of gastric juice?

  • heartburn;
  • regurgitation;
  • discomfort and heaviness after eating;
  • tarnish taste sensations;
  • dyspeptic symptoms;
  • violations chair - constipation.

Diet therapy - the gu
arantee of health

By showing these symptoms, your body tries to dokrichatsya you in the hope that you will change your scheme of supply and make it more rational.In addition, exacerbation of symptoms manifested after consuming acidic foods.These may be orange, sour soup, lemon and so on. D. If you already have a confirmed diagnosis, the food in the acidity of the stomach should be as gentle and fortified.Not recommended for use in the diet of saturated and nourishing soups or broths, as they may have difficulty in digesting.In such a situation it is best to give preference to puree the soup or the first dishes on the basis of the mucosa, ie oat soups.As for fruits and vegetables, there is a need to limit the consumption of vegetables that are rich in fiber, which is a "heavy" on the stomach especially in the period of exacerbation.These include cabbage, radishes, sorrel.For more secure in this regard are considered potatoes, carrots, cauliflower.Here they can be used at any stage of the disease.

Fruits need to choose varieties of sweet, sour and bake them or cook mashed smoothies.A baked apple pectin rich and are particularly useful for various diseases.

Meat dishes are prepared using lean meat (chicken, turkey, and so on. D.).They are prepared steamed or boiled with a small amount of oils and spices.

We should not itself dramatically around the limit, for how long to stay on watery soup and tasteless will not work, and then there is the failure of the absorption of all that is on the table.Also produced an aversion to diet as such, but to blame the wrong approach to treatment.

Five Rules of clinical nutrition

So, summarizing all that is written above, it is necessary to identify five rules of power at high acidity of gastric juice:

  1. Remove all the fat, sweet, spicy, too salty.Thus, the oil in the period of exacerbation take no more than 2 teaspoons per day.
  2. Enter in the diet of pureed soups, porridge, only use lean meat (boiled or steamed).This protein-rich foods do not eat at the same time with a high-.
  3. Avoid alcohol, coffee, strong tea and sodas.
  4. Fortified food.Fruits and vegetables (sour) prepared as smoothies, baked and mashed potatoes.
  5. separate food, and therefore need to eat often and in small portions.

Meals at high acidity of the stomach together with the main treatment - is the first step to recovery and restoration of digestive function.