Symptoms of pneumonia without fever in adults

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04 June 2016

pneumonia - one of the insidious disease, which is accompanied by pneumonia.Pneumonia without temperature and without coughing - first signs of inflammatory changes in the lungs, which cause great difficulties in adults.The disease can occur without coughing because of the cold preparations reception, even while listening to the lung disease is not detected.Therefore recently a disease ends in failure.To avoid complications, it is necessary to know the basic symptoms and causes of occurrence of pneumonia without fever and cough.

pneumonia often accompanied by high fever, shortness of breath, chest pain, weakness, severe cough, but not always.

causes of disease

  1. Weakened immune system that is fighting infection and viruses.The decline of the immune system may be due to chronic infections.
  2. Regular antibiotics.This can lead to addiction, because thereby reducing efficacy.
  3. part reception antitussives increases the risk of rejection and blocks the emergence of phlegm cough, resulting in sputum is a so
    urce of propagation of the microflora.Based on this, the patient can not cough.

If you know the cause of the disease and to monitor the health, the pneumonia can be identified with the common cold.

flow pneumonia symptoms without a fever, which everyone should know

  1. weakness and drowsiness.
  2. sallow complexion with a slight blush.
  3. Heavy jerky breathing, in which the whistle is heard.
  4. shortness of breath even at light loads.
  5. quickens the pulse, heart rate can be broken.
  6. difficulty in committing a deep breath.
  7. When the flow of the disease can be seen that during the respiratory movements one side of the sternum does not move.
  8. pain during turns torso.
  9. excessive sweating, especially at night.
  10. Decreased appetite.

If you notice any symptoms, you should immediately consult your doctor, because at stake are putting their health.Do not put off a visit to the doctor for a long time, because the temperature rise does not always speak about the complexity of the disease.

Much worse, if a person does not feel or notice the inflammatory processes that occur in the body.They can occur without fever, because usually few people apply for skilled care and in no hurry to get proper treatment.

We must remember that pneumonia - a very serious and insidious disease that is best treated in time, you run the illness.The effects of the disease can be very sad.Once the notice symptoms of pneumonia, you need as quickly as possible to see a doctor.

Be careful and healthy!