Why knocks in the ear?

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

Elderly people often complain about knocking in his ears.This problem can occur in younger people, but they do it usually passes quickly.In most cases, this phenomenon is associated with a decrease in clearance of intracerebral blood vessels, which may be caused by various reasons.Pulsation in the ears can occur with an increase in blood pressure.There are also other causes of knocks - such as increased individual susceptibility, fatigue, constant noise in the work place or residence, nervous exhaustion, senile changes, trauma, and so on.

What reasons can cause a knock at the ears?

In order to determine what caused this phenomenon, it is necessary to establish the presence of other symptoms, and comorbidities, determine the condition of the patient, as well as to clarify whether he is taking any medicines.

One of the reasons that cause a knock at the ears, may be a sound trauma.It is a powerful sound pressure, resulting in an infringement of normal hearing.In most cases, to deal with the problem, qu

ite a few hours to be in silence.During this period, the hearing is usually restored.

knock at the ears may occur when diving, flying in an airplane, and other situations of pressure drop.Such a condition called barotrauma.Its other symptoms are stuffy ears, dizziness, nausea, loss of hearing.

Ripple and noise in the ears may be the result of a long reception of certain drugs.For example, aspirin at high doses causes damage to cells of the inner ear.Other drugs that cause such reactions are considered to gentamicin, furosemide, cisplatin, streptomycin, and others.

Another cause of hearing loss is the accumulation of a large amount of earwax in the ear passage, or eardrum.

What diseases can cause a knock at the ears?

if accompanied by a knock at the ears flies flashing before my eyes, severe pain in the heart or a headache, it may indicate sharp increases in pressure.Of particular danger is the state is to elderly people suffering from hypertension and obesity.

In situations where in addition to knocking in his ears observed partial or complete paralysis of limbs, tingling sensation on the skin, urinary incontinence, dizziness, may be suspected multiple sclerosis.Symptoms of the disease can be very diverse, so at the first suspicion is to visit a specialist.

knock at the ears manifested atherosclerosis.When it formed in the vessel wall plaque, resulting in decreased vascular elasticity, and they are not able to provide normal blood flow.Throbbing in the ears in atherosclerosis is enhanced after eating foods or drinks with caffeine, alcohol, under stress, high blood pressure and other conditions.

Sometimes noises or knock at the ears are one of the signs of head or neck tumors, such as acoustic neuroma.

When knocking in the ears in any case it is necessary to visit a specialist to determine the cause of this phenomenon.Unpleasant symptoms completely disappear only after the treatment of the disease that caused it.