Why there is heaviness in the heart?

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

Heaviness in the heart could mean the development of various diseases related to the nervous and cardiovascular system.Heaviness in the heart can trigger lung disease, ulcers of the gastrointestinal tract, dystonia.

How sore heart?

heart always aches unpleasant.This organ is so sensitive that the severity of the heart may occur due to the bad environment, gassed.Once the oxygen the heart muscle is not enough, there is a feeling of heaviness.

severity of the heart muscle may occur due to frequent experiences endured stress, nervous condition.

Distress always served a sense of gravity and a slight tingling in the heart.The panic can occur even when there are no preconditions to experience.But to insure against the violations of the functioning of the organism under any unusual sensations in the heart, it is necessary to visit a doctor.Heart - is a body that does not tolerate self-treatment.We can not postpone the hike to a specialist if a feeling of heaviness in the heart of the present time.

Heaviness in the heart of what to do?

To eliminate the severity of the heart to investigate the cause.Only a doctor can make an accurate diagnosis after a series of surveys.As the severity of the heart may occur due to problems in the back and chest, as a rule, are appointed by the ECG and ultrasound, X-rays of the spine and, accordingly, the chest.

If there is a feeling of heaviness after eating, physical strain, and experience, it is likely to myocardial ischemia.Doctor prescribes pharmaceuticals with individual dosage.In this case, it is necessary to change the lifestyle and pay attention to diet quality and diet.If a feeling of heaviness in the heart accompanied by more pain and in his left hand, you should call an ambulance.This is the first sign of a heart attack.

Heaviness in the heart occurs when the mitral valve prolapse.It is important to take nitroglycerin.Self-medication in this case is fraught with consequences.

general dystonia - an insidious thing that could trigger the severity of the heart and discomfort.This is symptomatic of pain, aching, and heaviness in the heart muscle.In this case, the treatment is long, it should be adjusted to the fact that the symptoms will be present for a long time, and in the case of deviations from the treatment of unpleasant symptoms come back again.

gastric ulcer may be accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the heart.To eliminate unpleasant sensations needed to begin cure stomach.Only after the cause of the symptoms disappear.But as the plague does not always cure to the end, you want to stick to a diet for long-term remission.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system are always accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the heart.The same symptom occurs in various lung diseases.The symptom can be resolved only after the treatment of the disease.