Baked onion on the boil

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

Onion has long been used by humankind, not only as food but also as an effective remedy for various diseases.

later date, scientists have found that the vegetable contains high amounts of essential substances, which have a devastating impact on a variety of microbes.Their content is so high that even allows you to disinfect water from any body of water.

Due to such excellent antiseptic properties onions are often used as a therapeutic agent in the formation of different formations and festering wounds, including boils.


decision to get rid of boils, onions can be used in various ways.The most common are such.

  • onion peel, then cut in half.Then heat the pan, pour vegetable oil and fry the vegetables cut down at least 10 minutes.Onions cool slightly, it is applied directly to a boil, and then fixed with a bandage or other available tools.Administration is necessary to keep a couple of hours.Then repeat manipulation.
  • At least for the treatment of purulent inflammations and use such a method.
    Onions cleaned, cut lengthwise and placed in the oven, where a vegetable bake for 10 minutes.Once the specified time has passed, a vegetable extract, a little cool.Then dismantled into individual cloves and applied to the sore place cut side.This is very important.Vegetable provide nutrients that not only cleans the wound, but also "stretched" the formation of pus.In this case, the bow should also be fixed.After a couple of hours, the dressing should be changed.
  • You can also use this method.It is particularly useful when the boil is ripe and soon break.Onions baked in any manner described above, and then prepare a meal of it.After it is added to the pulverized garlic, which also has antibacterial properties.The mass is mixed and applied to the wound.Fix applique using adhesive.Three hours later, the dressing change.So you need to do several times a day.
  • Equally effective is the use of the bow, combined with natural bee honey.Vegetable pre-baked, then combined in equal proportions with honey.The resulting mass is placed on the wound.Hold for 3 hours.Manipulations should be repeated several times a day.

effective alternative

also used for boils and vegetables together with other anti-inflammatory components.Doing this also can be in various ways.

Whole onion Grate.Then, in the resulting composition is added a small spoonful of dry celandine.Ointment applied to inflammation for a few hours.This should be done in the afternoon and evening.

You can also use fresh chopped onions in combination with chopped sorrel in equal shares.This mass is applied uniformly to boils and keep for an hour.Repeat steps should be three times a day until complete resorption of inflammation.

Each of these methods is effective.