Shooting pain in the neck

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

pain in the head is a characteristic feature of many different ailments.Each type of pain, its localization zone have their own specific value.Try to understand what may indicate shooting pain in the neck and what are ways to fix it.


main cause of pain in the neck is considered a pathology that emerged in the cervical spine.So, there may be stretching the vertebra, its dislocation, spondylitis.A characteristic feature of these diseases is that the pain is very strong, poignant at turn heads.

often shooting pain in the neck may be due to seal in the neck muscles - a condition referred to as miogeloz.It can be caused, for example, irremovability posture for several hours, frequent stay in the draft or even incorrect posture.When miogeloze may also occur dizziness, limited mobility of the shoulders, accompanied by painful effect.

common cause of pain in the back of the head is also neuralgia occipital nerve.The disease occurs most often in the background of existing degenerative disc disease o

f the spine, but may be a consequence of and complication of hypothermia or cold.The pain suddenly aggravated by sneezing, coughing, turning the head can give to the jaw or ear.

cause pain in the neck can be and quite a rare disease - cervical migraine.Patients with this disease have frequent dizziness, tinnitus, feeling of sand in the eyes, decreased auditory function.

Pain in the neck can also be associated with tension-type headache.In this case, there is a growing effect of pain during exercise, writing, reading.The patient may feel tingling in the forehead.

pain in the neck often have experience and pregnant women.The reason for its occurrence is related to the tone of the vessels of the head.Such a condition can occur since changes in weather conditions, suffering stress fatigue.


In order to compete with pain in the back of the head, you need to know for certain the reasons for its emergence.Make it a condition experienced only on the basis of covered patients examination (X-rays of the spine, CT scan, for example).

patient can be assigned to physical therapy and, above all, electrophoresis, under the influence of which improves blood flow to stagnant muscles.The beneficial effect on the treatment of this disease has a rate of warming massage.Also, the doctor usually prescribes a patient, and painkillers (paracetamol, Tempalgin).

reduce pain will receive anti-inflammatory drugs ("Ibufrena", for example).You should also make adjustments to your diet and enrich it with fatty fish, which contain useful Amega-3 fatty acids.

timely consultation with a doctor and follow its recommendations, it's possible to get rid of the shooting pain in the back of the head.