Nettle hair loss

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

have a healthy beautiful hair dreams of any person.And no matter male or female, because of how they look, depends on the overall appearance.Some nature awarded shiny and silky hair, for others such hair can only dream about.

Healthy hair depends on the general state of the organism.With a shortage of the necessary elements in the body primarily responding skin, nails and hair.

Very often hair problems begin in women after childbirth.The body is weakened, the hair becomes dull, brittle and sparse.Sometimes, after washing the hair in the bathroom, you can find whole bunches lost hair.

Yielding to advertising tricks, many flee to the pharmacy or cosmetics stores to buy some miracle mask hair loss.In addition to spending money once the campaign did not bring.

Many modern women simply forget that there are many effective ways to enhance people's hair, which were used by our grandmothers and mothers.It should be noted that most grannies to old age have strong and healthy hair.

first among the natural h

elpers, of course, is the nettle.It is a unique plant in its composition is indispensable in many diseases of the kidneys, heart, nervous system and women's diseases.In the old days it was called the female nettle grass, harvested in May, when the leaves are still tender, and the maximum value.Nettle dried in large quantities to last until next season.

spring must use its leaves in salads, soups.

If you use nettles for hair care, you can forget about dandruff, itching, peeling, loss.

Broth nettle hair loss

One effective, but at the same time simple ways of hair loss is the use of nettle broth.

Broth nettle can be made from fresh or dried herbs.

We need to take a half-liter jar of nettle leaves (if using dry, the glass), and half a liter of water.Water is poured into a saucepan and bring to a boil, pour it nettles, boil a little bit.Infuse for half an hour.Broth during this time will be warm.Infusion of strain and squeeze the leaves.It pour warm water to the total volume was about 1.5 liters.

After head shampooed and rinsed, it is necessary to pour the broth in small portions to the nettle hair.Massage rub the liquid into the skin and hair.

If a strong hair loss used for 1.5 weeks on a daily basis.If the broth is used prophylactically, it is sufficient to 2 times per week.

mask of the nettle hair

remarkable effect is "live" mask of the nettle.For its preparation will need fresh young nettle.Leaves (together with tender stems) to grind in a blender (you can skip through the meat grinder), to get a paste.After washing the hair rub the mask in the problem skin.Above close polyethylene and anything warm.After half an hour rinse with water.The downside of this procedure is the difficulty of removing particles nettle with long hair.

After several applications hair stopped falling out and become shiny and smooth.No balm can not be compared with the mask.

Nettle hair loss can be used locally, and can be taken orally decoction of it.The benefits would be twofold.