Nutrition for iron-deficiency anemia

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

very common disease in recent years has become an iron deficiency anemia.Particularly affected by it are women who lose a lot of blood during menstruation and during childbirth, as well as addicted to different diets.Iron deficiency anemia is characterized by a lack of hemoglobin in the blood, decrease in red blood cell count and iron deficiency.This causes symptoms such as weakness, irritability, fatigue, and palpitations.

What can be caused by such a state?

  • heavy blood loss during menstruation, childbirth and operations, as well as in certain diseases;
  • unhealthy diet low in iron, protein and B vitamins;
  • gastritis, inflammatory bowel disease and worm infestation;
  • some infectious diseases, poisoning or prolonged use of antibiotics.

Treatment of anemia

If you are diagnosed with "anemia", you need to pay attention to the doctor's recommendations and change their lifestyle.Also medication can help the different national methods of treatment, the change in the daily routine and frequent walks in

the fresh air.But the most important place in the successful treatment of iron deficiency anemia occupies diet therapy.

basic principles of nutrition with anemia

  • need to increase the amount of protein in the diet, as they help in the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells;
  • amount of fat is necessary, on the contrary, lower, because they interfere with the absorption of iron;
  • need to eat more foods with a high content of vitamins C and B, and iron itself.

What you need to have iron deficiency anemia when

  1. Rabbit meat, turkey, beef and chicken, liver, kidney, beef tongue.Fish and mushrooms is also rich in protein and contain easily digestible iron.
  2. necessary to include in the diet of porridge, especially buckwheat and oatmeal, beans and bread with bran.This will help the body to get more vitamin B. There he is also in brewer's yeast, herbs, nuts, and cottage cheese.
  3. helps to better absorption of iron vitamin C. Most of it is in black currants, cabbage, citrus fruits and bell peppers.
  4. very important for iron-deficiency anemia eat more honey.It contains many minerals that help the absorption of iron.
  5. is necessary to drink more fruit and vegetable juices, especially from apples, carrots, plums and tomatoes.
  6. Useful iron mineral water, broth hips, black currant leaves, dandelion, nettle and succession.
  7. be included in the diet of more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially onions, tomatoes, apricots, bananas, raspberries, strawberries and grapes.

Which contains the most iron?

often desirable to eat foods rich in iron.This liver, beef tongue, buckwheat and oatmeal.From fruit the most of this mineral found in blueberries, peaches, apples, pomegranates and plums.It is useful to have more green, wholemeal bread, lean meat and fish, fresh vegetables and fruits.

On what should be discarded when iron deficiency anemia?

Prohibited products include:

  • strong tea, coffee, chocolate and cocoa;
  • bacon, beef and mutton fat, margarine and fat sausages;
  • products in which there is oxalic acid, which interferes with the absorption of iron - spinach, rhubarb, sorrel and asparagus;
  • calcium contained in dairy products, also impairs iron absorption;
  • should limit consumption of eggs, cereal, corn and soybeans.

What dishes can be recommended at this disease?

Very useful porridge with fresh fruit or raisins, potatoes, meat, chicken, stewed with tomato, broccoli and peppers, pasta with meat and tomato sauce.Food better drink acidic juice or cranberry juice, as the iron is best absorbed in an acidic environment.