Meals for kidney failure

By Admin | Health Recipes
04 June 2016

Renal failure is a disease, during which there is loss of kidney function.However, this process is irreversible.During renal failure, a person is faced with metabolic disturbances.The result is an accumulation of toxins.In order to support your body and stabilize their condition, should observe a diet.

From what foods should give up?

basic principles of nutrition for kidney failure is to reduce the consumption of proteins of plant origin, as well as salts and potassium.With this diagnosis, as renal failure a special diet to be followed about a month (at least!).

The diet should not present a fatty meat, poultry, spicy and salty snacks, strong meat broths, alcohol, strong tea and coffee, chocolate and any refractory fats.

Of course, many patients will be hard to give up sharply from these products, but it is necessary to overcome itself, after a couple of weeks the condition improved markedly.It is worth noting that the need to limit the number of consumed pasta dishes from beans and various grains.

As for the pasta, then you can use a particular product varieties.

dishes prepared with eggs is also necessary to include in your new diet in limited form (1 pc. / Day).On the same list can include any dairy and dairy products, as they are among the sources of protein.

How to eat with kidney failure?

composing a diet for yourself, you should be aware of the limitations in the use of the protein.The day should eat only a small portion of the subject of acute renal failure.In the case of a chronic course of the disease is allowed to eat 2 servings of protein meals.Below is a list of those products that can be used with this disease.They will help to make the diet not only diverse, but also useful.

So in the diet can include any baked wheat products that do not contain salt in its composition.In no case can not eat rye bread, because it is rich in protein.For lunch permitted to cook unsalted soup with vegetables, cereals and pasta.

menu may include dishes made from meat and poultry, but it should take only low-fat varieties.Cooking meals is necessary only for a couple.Diversify the diet to help fish dishes.Low-fat fish should be boiled or baked.With regard to greens and vegetables, it is permissible to use them in thermally processed and fresh.

Drink shall consist of rather weak tea, herbal infusions, juices from fruits and vegetables.In the latter case, you want to drink a little water to breed.Strict limits are not subject to the fats of vegetable origin, so you can easily prepare meals using them.You should not limit yourself to the use of fruits and berries in any form.Eating these products, a person with kidney failure will be able to easily cope with his disease.