What is useful onion for women?

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 June 2016

Onions has dozens of useful features that are so valued people.This vegetable helps us to cope with a number of serious ailments.There you have it while such useful qualities that are particularly appreciated by the female?It turns out, yes!

positive effect on the female body bow

We are used to the best wrestler bow with colds, but it turns out he helps women cope with many other diseases.Of particular benefit onions brings to women who are pregnant.This vegetable contains a lot of nutrients that are so important for the future mother and her crumbs, preparing for the birth.

Onions should be consumed for women who have problems with reproduction, since this vegetable contains large amounts of zinc, which supports it.Of particular importance for women it is the fact that in the bow part of the iron in large amounts (this is very important for their body).Thanks to a generous potassium content in onions cardiovascular system is normal, and the blood is cleaned perfectly.

Women should be included in

your diet onion also because it has a calming effect on their body, normalizing the activity of the nervous system and improve sleep.You must chew a small amount of onions just before bedtime.As a result it will be easy and strong.Those who are afraid to take advantage of this tool because of the odor of onions, it is recommended to chew after eating a small amount of fresh dill or coffee seed.The smell of onions nothing left!

In addition, the bow is considered ideal prophylactic cancer.Suffice it to eat about 80 grams of vegetables for a week in order to reduce the possibility of occurrence of cancer by 16%.

Onions and female beauty ...

Onion provides invaluable benefits for the body of any woman.But if he could somehow affect her beauty?Few believe, but it's possible!In the last century our grandmothers actively used the bow to change for the better the condition of their hair.

masks made on the basis of onions, solves the problem of weak, dull and devoid of hair life.Onion mask helps improve hair growth process and condition as a whole.If you are not afraid of the smell coming from the preparation of cosmetic means, then you can start the procedure.Strengthen your hair can also, if you use onion broth while washing hair.The result from the use of any means of magic-based onion is just fantastic!

Use onions in the fight for the beauty is not in doubt.Women who suffer from freckles, regularly lubricate their freshly squeezed onion juice.A short time later, freckles become much lighter.