Meals with a high cholesterol

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 June 2016

Everyone knows that cholesterol - a wholly-owned health threat, but not everyone understands what it is and how to fight it.If you look in detail, cholesterol is not that bad, just needs our body.It is necessary, first of all, in order to produce a valuable vitamin D. Also, it is involved in hormonal balancing.But if it is useful and necessary, why he was so afraid of?

Sinister cholesterol

First of all, because it causes clogging of blood vessels that can lead to negative effects on the cardiovascular system.However, this occurs only when the rate of cholesterol in the body is exceeded.Which can be determined by special medical tests.And in the case when it was found that the content of the substance is exceeded, immediately revise the diet.

Ideally, a proper diet should be followed even after the cholesterol back to normal.Especially because this is not so difficult, because the usual product should not be abandoned altogether.It is only necessary to replace some of them more useful.


diet all foods can be divided by the level of cholesterol in them.Those in which the substance is contained much should be deleted.But food in which its composition is not too high, on the contrary, to include in the diet in large quantities.

What should be categorically excluded from the menu:

  • fried and fatty meals;
  • fatty meats and the skin from poultry meat;
  • all kinds of smoked and meat products;
  • fat;
  • all kinds of dairy products high in fat;
  • egg yolk;
  • with a special attention should be paid to the use of various bakery products.Strongly contraindicated bread and bread made from white flour.Do not eat and confectionery products, especially if they are purchased.

in soups, broths necessarily formed foam must be removed.And for their preparation only use veal or poultry diet varieties.

should minimize the use of such ingredients:

  • fatty fish.Should not eat more than once a week, and then if the product is steamed or baked.In no event should not be a fish fry.
  • portion of butter is also recommended to do the minimum.The absolute taboo - margarine.
  • All varieties of nuts and should be consumed rather limited, and allowed only fresh fruit, not roasted.

maximum should be included in the menu such products are:

  • all vegetables and fruits;
  • different varieties of dietary meat - rabbit, white meat chicken, turkey;
  • low-fat types of marine fish, seafood;
  • low-fat milk - acid products;
  • egg protein;
  • all cereals and legumes;
  • bakery products from wheat flour, bread;
  • dried fruits.Especially useful compotes and beverages.

similar diet and food restriction will help to quickly bring cholesterol levels back to normal.Continued compliance with them will lead to an overall improvement in health.