Pain in the tibia during walking

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03 June 2016

shin pain can occur for various reasons - acquired and congenital.For example, walking uncomfortable and painful if the high rise of the foot.Even flat causing pain in the lower leg.More on pain symptoms affect cramped and uncomfortable shoes.

causes of pain in the tibia

At movement may occur in the lower leg pain when a leg injury previously.These symptoms will occur during exercise.Pains occur when muscle strain or if it was damaged Achilles tendon.

shin pain can occur if the tendons were subjected to inflammation.This disease is called tendonitis.

Another cause of pain in the shin - is varicose veins.This creates a lot of pathology unpleasant symptoms, including sore shin.Especially these strong pain if varices occurred against the background of phlebitis or thrombophlebitis.

Another pathology that causes pain in the lower leg - a congenital limp.This pathology causes a deterioration of the permeability of the blood of the arteries that feed the muscles of the leg and gave her oxygen.The syndr

ome causes severe lameness moving and sharp pain in the lower leg.

In what cases it is necessary to go to the doctor?

If shin pain continues for several days and intensified when walking.If you touch the shin hand felt the presence of bumps and blisters.If these symptoms are kept for a long time and did not pass.When walking tibia moderate pain, while the seat it subsides.These are symptoms of thrombophlebitis and moving lameness.As a serious disease requires adequate treatment.

Urgent measures

If walking is observed in the lower leg pain, it may be an overload of the Achilles tendon.It is characterized by inflammation of the tendon can.In this case, it is necessary to go to the surgeon's office for an appointment.First, carry out a survey and then assigned a treatment.It is important to create peace injured foot.

If the foot after the injury, but the Achilles tendon has been damaged, you can make multiple manipulations.For example, to raise the leg so that it is above the position of the heart.You can apply ice to the foot of twenty minutes.Reducing pain helps tight bandage.It is better to use elastic bandage.But no warmer, it is dangerous because the pain will increase and edema is formed.Only on the third day after the injury can create warm sprained ankle, for example, heated towel and place on the sore shin.You can use a hot water bottle with warm water or a heating pad, putting the average temperature.If

shin hurts badly, then you can apply analgesic ointment.The perfect tool - gel "Dalobene."After applying the gel on the sore shin it is desirable to warm towel.

If the pain very severe, then you can take painkillers pill inside and go straight to the doctor's office.Tighten this is not necessary.If this injury, then a couple of days and everything will be if the wounded arm or pull a bunch of Achilles, the treatment may be delayed.