The deposition of salts in the spine

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03 June 2016

Currently back pain are common, and it concerns not only the elderly, but also young people.One of the factors contributing to the occurrence of pain is the accumulation of salts.

salt deposits formed in the muscles and ligaments around the spine.These structures have a dense structure and are composed of calcium salts.


main manifestation of the disease is local pain in the affected area, a feeling of stiffness and weight, crunching and creaking joints.A special feature is that the accumulated fatigue and discomfort during the day and in the evening especially amplified.The pain can vary from mild, dull, pulling up strong, sometimes very intense and unbearable.Cervical refers to one of the most exposed parts of the spine salt deposits.The symptoms of the presence of salts in this area is a fairly frequent dizziness, presence of tinnitus and even possible loss of consciousness.

causes and treatments

First you need to figure out the root cause of their appearance.These include:

  • various inflammations in the joints;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • overweight.

Treatment must be prescribed by a doctor.Its type depends on the severity of the disease.In the initial form of the main method it is:

  • the use of drugs and infusions;
  • physiotherapy, which includes electrotherapy, ultrasound, heat treatment and so on. D .;
  • conducting manual therapy at which the stimulation of blood circulation, including raising the tone of the underlying muscles.Application of physical therapy in conjunction with high-quality massage will help to develop muscular frame, significantly strengthen the intrinsic muscles, which will greatly reduce the likelihood of growth in salt deposits;
  • traditional medicine;
  • surgery.Operations are performed in the most exceptional circumstances, and are an extreme option, when there is partial or complete loss of ability to work in the presence of acute and quite some pain, impaired motor function, which can not be eliminated by conservative.


There are several key factors that can influence the formation of salt deposits in the human body:

  • unhealthy diet;
  • genetic predisposition, through which can be transmitted to the metabolism of certain substances that make up the protein.These substances are not fully oxidized.They can be deposited in the joints and the spinal column in the form of salts.

In the fight against deposits of salts in the spine is the most basic prevention.To prevent the postponement of salt over the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spinal pillar, you must follow some recommendations:

  • in the daily diet to limit the intake of salt and pungent foods.
  • well-balanced nutrition and diet.Reduce the amount of protein foods, which includes fatty fish, meat.
  • Limit intake of fats, sweets and spices, sauces and tomato paste.Try not to wash down the food.Eat as many vegetables, which will contribute to better digestion of protein.
  • lead an active life, constantly engage in sports.

for small salt deposits recommended holding special sessions of tonic and restorative massage, physical therapy, and physical therapy and exercise.

Keep in mind that only a doctor can determine the presence of salts.To do this, you must pass a series of diagnostic tests.