What if his tongue to draw blood?

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 June 2016

This biological substance, blood is the basis of a person that is capable of both good cause, to defend it, to carry nutrients to all organs and kill a man, it is also capable.

Do not underestimate the comprehensive nature of the blood, which is present in all organs in the smallest capillaries everywhere in humans.If one or the other cause harm to the body and leave the serious wound, through which can penetrate dirt and various microorganisms in the blood, it can quickly become infected with something dangerous, leading to death.

course, can hurt themselves by chance in any situation, but there are so unexpected that one can only wonder.For example, it happens that the blood of man bites his tongue and do not know what to do?It seems to be afraid of blood in his mouth, on the other hand people do not understand that through the language and pass a lot of nerve endings and blood vessels.

If time does not stop the flow of blood that naturally gush through a wound in the language, in addition to loss

of blood, and you can still get infected.Especially such cases are possible when a person bites his tongue until the blood with food in your mouth.

To stop the bleeding, you need to clear the mouth of food, if it was there, and rinse with clean water mouth.Tied with the language does not seem possible, but after the mouth had been cleared of all debris, should be as soon as possible to apply the special substances that not only kill bacteria and their human mouth is extremely a lot, but also to stop the bleeding.

best assistant in this can only be hydrogen peroxide.That it is perfectly disinfects the mouth and any surface, and thus contributes to blood clotting.Of course, it should be remembered that the man who bit his tongue until the blood will experience a lot of torment and make him do the right thing would be problematic.Still, should not exclude the possibility of a pressing peroxide mouthwash to rid the wound and the mouth of bacteria and stop the bleeding.And then it is possible to apply other substances, whose role is reduced to disinfect - such as iodine or brilliant green.After that, it is best to apply immediately to the hospital, where doctors will be able to make the necessary shots infection, tetanus, and other hazards of open bleeding wounds.