What if the air hit the vein?

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 June 2016

Most of us have heard about the horrors that can happen to a person if his veins get a drop of air.In fact, people do not understand medicine, little can be said about this, as far as to claim it's true!

Therefore, if the injection is performed incorrectly, that, unfortunately, happens all too often, can only suffer in conjecture than it can threaten.So let's learn that on this occasion the doctors themselves say that and admit this mistake.

Air in human vein called air embolism.This phenomenon occurs not only inexperience and oversight of medical personnel, but also for other reasons.As a result, the penetration of air there is a partial overlap of blood flow.Can cause death hit the air?

most often in contact with the air bubbles, the patient sufferer may feel not only discomfort in the injection site, but languid pain.After a while, all the unpleasant sensations are simple.In some cases, one of the limbs may be temporarily immobilized, it seems as if the foot or hand "drives."

Of course, when it comes to intravenous injection, death can occur, but only 1% of cases.Air capsule will gradually move within the arteries and, once in the small blood vessels, capillaries that end, completely blocks the flow of blood.This issue is essential, if the direction of the blood should be a vital organ.In the case of overlapping air artery may be a heart attack and cerebral embolism is sure to provoke a stroke.

But all this will only happen if the air bubble is very large.Air capsule small size almost instantly resolve the cells of the body and nothing terrible will not be forthcoming, except that an injection seem too painful.The state of health of the patient at the same time does not change for the worse.

experienced physicians and, of course, the practice indicates that death in the air enters the vein is only possible and no other case has been introduced at least 200 ml of air!Tell me, is it possible to make such by accident or negligence?Of course not!Conventional injection performed incorrectly, this is not enough!Therefore, before you start to panic, evaluate the situation soberly!