Sore wrists

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03 June 2016

wrists usually get sick during their expansion, the development of spider veins.These symptoms are familiar to many people.Experiences occur not only on the pain, discomfort and aesthetic.

causes of pain in the veins of the hands

discomfort and pain in the veins occurs when there is a partial obstruction of the subclavian vein.At this point, the pain in the veins - are not the only symptoms, as there may be more and reducing the sensitivity of the skin.In this disease your skin becomes very pale.

Although the veins often hurt on the legs, hands, they also may experience discomfort, although less frequently.Pain in the veins of the hand at the wrist can occur in people who are exposed to physical stress.It can be athletes or porters.If the veins began to ache at the wrists, then this phenomenon may be one reason, but several.

Least affected by this genetic predisposition, although the likelihood that a person, who among relatives have a similar pathology, could be repeated.On these issues affect sy

ndrome Paget-Shrettera.This pathology is accompanied by a thickening of the veins and sharp pain.The same occurs with varicose veins.

If the observed deviation in the cardiovascular system, or has difficulty bloodstream, there can be pain in the veins of the wrist.Also on these symptoms affects overweight, smoking.

All these reasons are not the only ones.Install why aching wrists, the doctor can only like and assign adequate treatment.

How to treat pain in the veins in her arms?

Once in the veins start to happen any unpleasant things, you can not hesitate, you have to consult a surgeon.First, he will appoint a full inspection.In order to make the correct diagnosis, it may even need venorezografiya.

All treatment - a complex therapeutic procedures.The doctor selects a medicament for oral administration to reduce the extensibility of venous walls.Some drugs are prescribed to increase venous tone, stimulating blood flow.If you want to perform multiple therapeutic areas, it is assigned to a combined preparation, for example, "Detraleks" or "Venarus."

patient was prescribed blood thinners, such as vitamin "Ascorutin" or horse chestnut "Aescusan."If severe pain and are difficult to tolerate, then appointed painkillers and ointments.Main during treatment do not expose your hands to different loads.

If all therapeutic methods do not lead to improvement, it may be scheduled for surgery.But even this method provides a long rehabilitation period, with the exception of heavy loads on the hands, hot treatments, including the bathrooms.

required Hands massage with essential oils.For washing use only lukewarm water.No overheating and overcooling.Patients treated vein for a long time.