Meals for constipation in adults

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 June 2016

Constipation is a condition in which over 48 hours is not the act of defecation or bowel movement occurs difficult person delivering serious discomfort.

Constipation itself is not a separate disease and is usually caused by the presence of any abnormalities in the digestive system problems.A huge role in the treatment of constipation as well as in their prevention assigned diets.Consider what products will benefit as well from the use of any better to abstain, in order not to aggravate the situation.


Dieting constipation aims at restoring the normal functioning of the intestine and its timely purification.Therefore, patients suffering from this disease, needs the full and balanced diet.It is important that during the consumption of the day the food contained in its structure a sufficient amount of protein, fat (60 to 100 g each), carbohydrates (400 to 450 g), and the macro- and trace elements, different in their group membership vitamins.If constipation is shown fractional diet.

authorized products

People suffering from constipation, permitted to include in your diet boiled meat and fish low-fat varieties, cooked in meat broth first courses.The beneficial effect on the intestines occurring in the digestive processes have a dairy and dairy products (except cheese), as well as made based on these dishes.

benefit black bread, cereal products, which include bran, nesdobnoe pastries and pasta.Help get rid of constipation and vegetable oils (especially linseed and olive oil), and butter in small quantities.

Diet for constipation involves the consumption of sufficient amounts of vegetables.Great importance is given and eat berries and fruits (except lemon, blueberry, dogwood, cranberry, quince and cherry).

As for drinks, there is recommended to opt for broth hips, green tea and fresh juices (carrot bring a special benefit, apricot, tomato, plum).From sweets Allowed jams, preserves, natural honey, candy and jellies.

Prohibitions It is strictly forbidden to consume meat and fish fatty varieties, canned fish and meat, smoked and spicy and fatty sauces.It is necessary to minimize the use of grits and rice.Exclude pastries prepared on the basis of the puff pastry and as well as any confectionery products, which include cream.

From vegetables should abandon garlic, onions, turnips, radishes.Alcohol, strong black tea and black coffee is also necessary at the time to leave in the past.

following this diet and following the recommendations of the experts, it is possible to overcome this unpleasant illness in a short time without the use of expensive medications.