How to remove the veins under the eyes?

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 June 2016

Vienna, located under the eyes are responsible for the process of blood flow in the body.Often protruding blue veins create a feeling that the person is suffering from any disease.If you suffer from this problem, it is probably more than once thought about how to solve it.

Remove the veins under the eyes depending on the cause

In the event that the veins under the eyes appear because of problems related to health (such as disorders associated with the activity of the liver and gall bladder), the help you can only be a doctor.Most likely, he will prescribe a course of a special diet as a result of which the observance of the veins under the eyes become less visible.

Other causes may be lurking in heredity, fatigue or too thin skin under the eyes.In this case, you can do without medical care.Home exercise proper care of their skin, and no one talks about the need to use extreme methods that are available in the offices of cosmetology.

Get rid of the veins under the eyes, you can use a systematic pre

vention.Her conduct is quite simple: you have to do twice a day wash contrast, you should start with cold water.Before going to bed, you should make a compress, which will improve the condition of the skin around the eyes.Recipes such compresses a lot, consider only the most effective among them.

Compress - the best way of getting rid of the veins under the eyes

compresses apparent advantage is their efficiency and availability.Any of the following packs can make the hands of the product lying in the refrigerator.

Recipe 1: sour cream and parsley

need to compress this bunch of fresh parsley and a couple tablespoons of sour cream.Greens need to thoroughly grind and mix it with sour cream.Compress applied for 20 minutes, and then rinsed with water, the temperature of which should be comfortable to your face.Then you need to rinse your face with cool water.The final step is applying eye cream.

2 Recipe: Potato compress

necessary to take raw or steamed vegetables (need to cook in uniform).Potatoes need to rub and then put on the eye for about 20 minutes.

Recipe 3: poultice of sage

1 teaspoon of herb you must pour a small amount of hot water, then infuse for 15 minutes.Broth necessarily need to drain and divide in half.The first part should be kept cold and the other heated.Moisten a cotton pad should be in a warm broth and put on your eyes for five minutes, then it has to do the same with the disc, soaked in cold water.Repeat this procedure will need about 5 times.Finally, you need to put the cream on the eyelids.

Hide veins under the eyes can be achieved by using a masking powder or concealer.However, this method should be used in conjunction with the previous.