One can see the veins on his hands

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 June 2016

Many people when looking at his hand pointed out that it is clearly visible venous pattern.The norm is or pathology?How should I act in such a situation not to harm health?Let's deal.

First of all, it should be noted that the vein regardless of where they are located, swell and become pronounced when blood flows along them faster than usual.Vienna at the back of the hand is unnatural?Perhaps you have just returned from the store with heavy bags or have spent a couple of hours in the gym?If the reason for rising above the palm veins is precisely the overstrain, increased load, it will take just a symptom of 3-4 hours.

For some people on the back of rising above the palm veins are anatomical features, and therefore do not require the adoption of any measures.These symptoms can also occur in those individuals whose professional activities are related to the ongoing work hands, their voltage.

In other cases, swollen veins in his hands signal the development of any pathology.In order to establish the tru

e cause of this condition and destination required in the particular case of the treatment is necessary to consult a specialist and undergo a series of examinations.

Thus, it is possible that there are cardiovascular diseases, including thrombosis, ischemia or circulatory disorders.The speakers on the palm veins may also indicate susceptibility to MS.

Vienna on the palms, with a pronounced bluish color, signal the increased concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood.In this case, you can try to rectify the situation on their own.To do this, we recommend a long stay outdoors and active movement.Well help brisk walking or jogging.

Venous asterisk on the palms and can provoke such diseases as revmovaskulit.Similar symptoms characteristic of atherosclerosis and diabetes.It may also be a violation of cholesterol metabolism.In this case it is necessary to make certain adjustments in diet and minimize the consumption of fatty foods, giving preference to fresh fruits and vegetables.

unpleasant-looking pattern on the palms of bluish veins often is characteristic of varicose veins.In this part of the convex veins often extends to the elbow.

Thus, veins clearly visible on the hands, of course, should alert and get to listen to your body.