Dining at an aggravation cholecystitis

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03 June 2016

called cholecystitis inflammation of the gallbladder.One feature of the disease is its aggravation, which occurs several times a year.It is manifested by symptoms such as pain in the right side of the ribs, nausea, vomiting.Often it is deteriorating and digestion.At this stage, the disease is especially important to follow the diet food.

doctors recommend

Failure therapeutic diets lead to another stagnation of bile, and further aggravation.To restore the functions of the organ shows food products with a high content of dietary fibers and low content of fatty ingredients.

addition to proper diet is also recommended to exercise regularly.Sedentary lifestyle - one of the most common factors that lead to an exacerbation of the disease.


Therapeutic kind of food at an aggravation cholecystitis is the so-called "diet number 5".Its essence lies in the fact that food is taken in small portions 5-6 times a day.This recommendation is chosen on purpose.Each use of food in the body produces bile.Therefo

re, frequent reception of food it does not have time to stagnate.Thus, gradually relieve inflammation.

As for the diet, it should be filled with products containing the maximum amount of protein.The menu should include dairy ingredients, eggs, cheese.Be sure to eat lean meat, poultry.

Special curative effect has the use of egg yolks.They have a strong choleretic effect.For this reason it is necessary to eat at least four eggs per week.

Prohibited products

taboo products include all kinds of fatty meat products - pork, lamb.Also categorically should refrain from the use of legumes, mushrooms and sorrel.In addition, very harmful to consume sugar.The maximum allowable number - no more than '70 optimal solution - to exclude it from the diet altogether.Sugar contributes to the fact that the body is stagnation of bile.Exclusion from the menu of this component will contribute to a speedy recovery and prevent recurrence in the future.The same applies to salt.Its maximum number should be no more than '10

Equally important is the thermal processing of foods.It is forbidden to eat fried foods.They should be replaced by steam.

saturating diet useful components

It is important that with food the body receives a sufficient number of plant proteins, which are the main sources - fruits, vegetables, bakery products, fruit.Especially useful to eat carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, blue, cabbage.Their value lies in the fact that they are able to excrete all substances of carbohydrate metabolism.

as beverages particularly valuable broth hips, mineral non-carbonated water.No less useful and fresh juices as fruit and vegetables.