Fig jam: Benefits

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 June 2016

Besides that jam, brewed from figs, has an unusual flavor and aroma is very tempting, this dish is also incredibly useful.That's about it lately so zealously tell doctors and nutritionists!

beneficial effects on the body

If you regularly include in your diet at least small portions: Peach jam, then soon it will be possible to see how to improve the work of the cardiovascular system.First of all this will be reflected in the improvement of general condition of the body, a surge of strength, vigor will markedly improve mood.It is believed that if a long time to eat fig jam, you can completely get rid of tachycardia.

It is believed that the chemical composition: Peach jam is able to prevent further blood clots.That is why this type of jam is recommended to use especially for those who have problems with veins, vessels, and especially the heart.Blood circulation is markedly improved, the cell begins to receive enough oxygen, blood sugar returns to normal.

Ginger leads to normal operation is completely

entire digestive system.The intestine starts to work "like a clock", and problems with the chair not only during use of the fig jam, but a few weeks after a full go.

with fig jam Tea allows for some time to normalize body temperature, which is especially useful for colds in children or in patients who for some reason can not take certain medications.

: Peach jam is very good for sore throat and cough.It is believed that this dish has anti-cancer effects on the body.And if its use is not able to save people from cancer, it really helps prevent it exactly!

Knowing about the medicinal properties of figs, experienced hostess when cooking jam out of it in a dish and add the other ingredients - such as hazelnut, orange or, for example, lemon.This useful qualities: Peach jam almost doubled, and the dish is nothing but good in itself does not carry.If

: Peach jam prepared using only sugar without any heat treatment, then this dish can be described as a good folk remedy that will not only enrich the body with vitamins, but also "bring up" almost any!

What nutrients are contained in: Peach jam?

fig jam contains many different substances that have on the body very positive impact.But I would like to mention the presence of iron and potassium.Despite the fact that jams most often subjected to a heat treatment, it contains magnesium, copper, iodine.There phosphorus and calcium, and a great number of vitamins.

is why fig jam is recommended to eat periodically, not only as a treat, as well as a prophylactic against many diseases, not just a cold character!