Jam made from spruce cones

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 June 2016

Delicious blanks for the winter, there are many, but the jam fir cones can rightly be called the drug.Spruce, as a representative of the family of conifers is a phytoncide plant, so the jam of its cones has healing properties.As is known, volatile - are substances of plant origin, characterized by a high biological activity, so that they can kill and inhibit the development and growth of various pathogenic microflora - such as microscopic fungi, bacteria and protozoa.

jam cones perfectly treats bronchitis, asthma, angina and other diseases of the throat and respiratory system.It is used as prevention, to strengthen the gums, healthier mouth and clear the airway.It is helpful to jam with the depletion of the body, especially when reduced hemoglobin, chronic respiratory diseases.It also helps to normalize the gastrointestinal tract.

making jam from spruce cones

To make this jam will need sugar, water and green cones.

First we need to lay out the bumps in the enamel basin, Gulf of filtered cold water

.The water should cover the cones 2-3 cm. After leaving for the night.

Next 1 liter of infusion required to take 1 kg of sugar.Having started his cook, you will need to boil infusion for 5 minutes, remove and leave to cool until the next day to repeat the identical brew 3 more times.The foam formed during boiling, it is necessary to shoot.

You can also take the spruce cones (1 kg) and cook them slowly, Bay 3 liters of water, 3-4 hours.Remove the container of jam from the heat and leave it to cool for half a day.Then you need to remove the bumps with a slotted spoon.From the resulting jelly need to continue to cook the jam until cooked, add the sugar at the rate of 1: 1 (in kg).

As a result, the finished jam cones should turn amber with a fine aroma and great taste.After the end of cooking, you need to give it to cool completely, and only then pour it in banks.

So simply can cook a tasty jam drug.For prevention it is recommended to take every day for 1 st.l.as an immunostimulant.Jam made from spruce cones well help as a preventive measure against diseases in autumn and winter.Besides it contributes much more rapid treatment of various diseases.

It is very useful for children with a cold or sore throat.Sick enough evening drink tea with jam, and in the morning it will be possible to observe a positive result.Moreover, it is very useful, it is also very tasty, so it can be eaten just as sweet dishes.