A pinched nerve in the thoracic

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03 June 2016

pinched nerve in the thoracic region - an extremely unpleasant illness, which, alas, has recently faced a growing number of people.What are the causes of this condition, its distinctive features, as well as methods of diagnosis and current treatments?Let's try to figure it out.

Causes disease

main common causes of nerve entrapment in the sternum is considered to be a disease, as osteochondrosis.Characteristic features are its proliferation in the vertebrae bone, and the destruction of intervertebral discs and pinched nerves.Currently, this disease is more common among the younger generation, and is associated with a lack of physical activity.

pinched nerve in the chest, in most cases appears intercostal neuralgia - ailments that are most susceptible to the elderly people who, along with changes in the spine observed pathology in the vascular system.In addition, intercostal neuralgia may also cause overexertion of back muscles, fatigue, severe stress.The likelihood of developing the disease increase

s against the backdrop of existing diabetes mellitus, diseases of the spine, thoracic tumors.


characteristic manifestation of a pinched nerve in the chest pain are of course ribs.Also, there is a feeling of tightness in the chest.In the chest area there are tender points over which there may be a violation of the sensitivity, manifested by numbness.You may also experience pain in the heart, which is often mistaken for heart patients is pain.To pinch a nerve and thoracic characterized by stomach pain, pain-like ulcer and gastritis.

If you notice any of these symptoms should see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and prompt passage of the required course of treatment aimed at fighting disease.

Diagnosis and treatment methods

measured reliably pinched nerve thoracic possible by means of X-ray studies.In some cases, additional testing is necessary - carrying out a computer or magnetic resonance imaging.

When a pinched nerve in the thoracic patient in need of drug therapy.Typically, patients suffering from this disease, appointed reception:

  • pain medication;
  • drugs, relieves spasms of the muscles;
  • B vitamins needed to restore metabolic processes occurring in the nerve cells.

To eliminate the pain are widely used methods of acupuncture and physiotherapy.Once the pain subsides, the patient is prescribed a course of medical gymnastics and massages.

timely access to a doctor and the implementation of all recommendations will help the patient to get rid of the disease as quickly as possible.