Hawthorn hypertension

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 June 2016

Hawthorn plant is considered to be stimulating action, which is why it is actively used as an adjunct to the main treatment.For this purpose, use hawthorn, and its flowers and leaves.This plant is often used by people who suffer from high blood pressure.

benefits of hawthorn for hypertension

The hawthorn contains various trace elements that are beneficial to the body.The structure also includes extractives and tannins, a large number of acids, carotene, sugar, vitamins and many others.

Due to its composition hawthorn can increase activity of the heart, calm the heart, which occurs under the influence of nervous tension.Most importantly, with this plant can significantly reduce blood pressure.It should be noted that this effect has a maximum effect in cases of stages I and II hypertension, as well as in atherosclerosis.

Methods of application of hawthorn for hypertension

One of the best means of rescuing from high blood pressure, a broth made from hawthorn.Before his cooking, make sure that you a

re not allergic to this plant.

So, in order to prepare a decoction of hawthorn should take the dried fruits of the plant (20 g) and water (1 cup).The drink should be boiled for half an hour.Thereafter need to filter it and add the necessary quantity of water to reach the original volume.The prepared broth is recommended to take three times a day for 1 st.l.

Recipes Cooking funds from hypertension using hawthorn very much.You can make a tincture of berries, pre-peeled sunflower seeds.To prepare the drink must take water (2 cups) and hawthorn berries (100 g).The fruits are filled with chilled water overnight, then boiled for about 10 minutes.The next step will be to cooling and straining the drink.Receiving this decoction must also be performed three times a day for 200 ml.

are the benefits and juice made from hawthorn.It must be overcome not only the fruits but also from the leaves and flowers.The resulting juice should be consumed three times a day for 1 st.l.The juice is allowed to add a spoonful of honey.Regular use of hawthorn juice helps regulate cardiac function, improve the process of supplying a sufficient amount of oxygen the heart.This is done by dilation of blood vessels.As a result, blood pressure decreases to normal.

If you are unable to prepare a decoction of fresh or dried hawthorn berries, you can buy in a drugstore finished tincture of this plant.Tincture taken three times a day.Dosage unit is from 25 to 40 drops.Before proceeding to the independent use of tincture of hawthorn, discuss this with your doctor.