Can the bananas at a poisoning?

By Admin | Health Recipes
03 June 2016

After any poisoning the body can not recover for a long time, and often many of the usual food should be immediately excluded from the diet of the patient, which, in principle, all at once and do.

Many people immediately start thinking about bananas, because intuitively fruit and bananas - this is exactly what people are trying to convey in the first place to the hospital.But the question - "Is it possible to them by poisoning," many do not even there!So let's deal.

Bananas are rich in a variety of nutrients that contribute to the normalization of many processes in the body depleted.Furthermore, they are able to withdraw from the body phenol.Therefore, if the poisoning occurred phenolic compounds, which often can be found, for example, poisonous mushrooms, some doctors recommend to eat bananas in large quantities.

However, consumption of bananas is absolutely impossible to recommend in all other forms of poisoning.The reason for this is simple.Bananas not receive any heat treatment, and after exposu

re to a greater extent suffers from gastro-intestinal tract, which is contraindicated in severe food that requires prolonged absorption.It is necessary to eat only light meals and foods that have been processed.Bananas are not exactly fit these characteristics, so they are not worth eating!

When the bananas can be given after exposure?

When the body starts to recover a little, but the diet has gradually introduced porridge and meat.At this time, you can enable the patient to eat and bananas, that is well practiced abroad in cases of poisoning.

believed that potassium, which is contained in large amounts in bananas, will be quickly absorbed by the body, which has lost a large amount of the valuable mineral.Eating bananas helps to create a suitable environment for the development of beneficial microorganisms.

In addition, no fruit or berry is not perceived by the damaged mucosa as well as banana, banana because it has a soft texture, so if it is possible re-use of parts of the patients irritation of the digestive system.

turns out that giving bananas for poisoning is possible, but only after a certain interval (interval) time and each patient has his own.Determine the time when you can eat a banana after a specific poisoning will only physician who directly observes the patient!